Core Technology Platforms

NYU Abu Dhabi has dedicated significant resources to developing one of the premier science and engineering research laboratories in the region. An integral component of the laboratories are the Core Technology Platforms, which are shared facilities that support research activities across disciplines. Support is provided by a team of highly qualified specialists who maintain and upgrade the equipment, define standards for operational performance, and provide service across Core Technology Platforms.

Reza Rowshan
Executive Director, Core Technology Platforms Operations

Since 2013, Dr. Reza Rowshan has served as the Director of Core Technology Platforms Operations, responsible for managing one of the state-of-the-art research laboratories in the region. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Rowshan joined the NYUAD Laboratory Department in 2010 to assist with establishing and setting up teaching and research laboratories.

Dr. Rowshan holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in materials science with several years of teaching and research experience in higher educational institutes.