Undergraduate and Global Education

Undergraduate Education is an 

Global Education is an essential component of NYU Abu Dhabi’s educational mission and curriculum. It is realized through a careful sequence of interrelated academic and intercultural experiences over four years that foster greater intercultural understanding towards social responsibility — globally and locally. These experiences are designed to advance students’ ability to:

  • respect, engage, and negotiate difference toward greater common ground and the common good;
  • and act with ethical intelligence as responsible, local citizens, and leaders in communities they engage in the UAE, abroad, and at home. 

Just as the development of critical thinking skills is not produced in one course but through a process of intellectual and social maturation over multiple years, a global education is not the product of a single experience abroad or more general traveling. It is cultivated through well-guided, iterative interactions with otherness. It is produced by bringing critical reflection and disciplined analysis of those experiences. It manifests in the ability to ask and respond to questions of global human significance with an ever more unprejudiced mind.  

Carol Brandt

Vice Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor, Global Education and Outreach