Undergraduate Student Government

The Student Government structure consists of three concentric circles: the Executive Board, the core team consisting of five elected members; the Council, a representative assembly consisting of the Executive Board, the class representatives, the academic representatives and the committee chairs; and the General Assembly, of which every NYUAD student is part.

The Student Government collective deliberates and undertakes action on all issues presented by the student body, including matters pertaining to student interest groups; academic policies and curricula; campus life policies, services and facilities, and any other issues pertaining to the global network as they apply to the NYUAD Student Body

Executive Board Members

  • Hafsa Ahmed, President
  • Vongai Mlambo, Vice President
  • Lier Qiu, Chief of Staff
  • Motoi Oyane, Treasurer
  • Zain Mustafa, Programming Board Chair

Class Representatives

  • Matea Kocevska, Senior Class Representative
  • Teodora Hristovska, Junior Class Representative
  • Ayham Adawi, Sophomore Class Representative
  • TBA, First-Year Class Representative


  • Klementina Krulec, Senator

Academic Representatives

  • Jessica Abdala, Arts and Humanities Representative
  • Lujain Ibrahim, Engineering Representative
  • Guillermo Schlamp, Science Representative
  • Christine Shao, Social Science Representative

Committee Chairs

  • Athletics: Keziah Johnson
  • Campus Spaces: Tom Abi Samra
  • Dining: Omar Ould Ali
  • Diversity: Nour El-Mesary
  • Global Affairs: Otelo Reggy-Beane
  • Health and Wellness: Ian McBain
  • Library and IT: Sofija Jancheska
  • Sustainability: Raunak Shrestha



Graduate Student Government


Executive Board Members

  • Name, Title