Administrative Staff

Administrative Staff Governance 

The NYU Abu Dhabi Staff Council is governed by the NYU Abu Staff Council Governance Guidelines. The guidelines were officially ratified in January 2019 by the council after in-depth consultation with the Administrative Management Council in New York and the NYU Abu Dhabi leadership.

Staff Council

The NYU Abu Dhabi Staff Council is a deliberative body that discusses the interests and concerns of the university staff administration and forwards recommendations to the university leadership and other departments across campus, when appropriate.


  • Bianca Arkeen, Chairperson
  • Heather Smith, Secretary
  • Joseph Maxwell
  • Lama Choufani
  • Sara Hassan
  • Shadia Siddiqui-Haider


Administrative Council and Forum

The Staff Council holds monthly meetings. The Council aims to have regular meetings with university leadership, including the Vice Chancellor, Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Special Council meetings are also held in order to engage with NYU New York leadership.   

NYU Administrative Management Council (AMC)

The Administrative Management Council is comprised of NYU administrators—management and professional personnel—elected from within each school or division. The AMC initiates, deliberates, and responds to the issues and concerns of its constituents and the University community. The AMC is committed to promoting the professional growth and development of NYU administrators and is deeply committed to community service. The AMC meet monthly.

NYU Abu Dhabi members

  • Hasanthi Piyasena, Representative (Senior Unit Rep)
  • Tiffany Kilfeather, Representative
  • Debbie Chiu, Alternate
  • Leigh Watts, Alternate