Current Initiatives

Learning Opportunities

Various in-person awareness education programs are offered by The Office of Inclusion and Equity (OIE) and other affiliated offices on campus. These include workshops, trainings, and scenario-based sessions, for faculty, staff, academic support, post-doctoral, and research employees on a variety of topics regarding inclusion, diversity, belonging and equity (IDBE).

Upon request, we will also work with deans, managers and/or departments to facilitate tailored ad hoc awareness sessions as needed. If you are interested in organizing such sessions, please email


Current Offerings

Our NYUAD Journey to Belonging Campus Climate Survey

The Office of Inclusion and Equity (OIE) launched a campus climate survey encouraging all members of the community to help the University become a truly inclusive institution. 

Fund for Inclusion and Innovation

The Office of the Provost and the Office of Inclusion and Equity (OIE), in the Vice Chancellor’s Office, have partnered to launch the Fund for Inclusion and Innovation at NYUAD. This fund provides grants and resources to faculty and academic divisions to fund research projects, programs, and events that work toward addressing histories, legacies, and present-day realities of colonialism and the oppression of historically marginalized communities.  Further information and eligibility to apply is open to, and accessible by NYUAD community members only.

Tailored Awareness Sessions and Workshops

We work closely with divisions and units to provide tailored programming and workshops on a variety of topics that reflect their unique needs.

Inclusion Partners

Developing internal capacity of NYUAD so every unit and division has the tools and access to the important updates in the rapidly changing inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity landscape. 

Capacity Building

Supporting staff, faculty, and students by upskilling and improving their understanding and growing in their ability to engage with difference which is of high value in one of the most diverse higher education institutions anywhere. 

Speaker Series 

Developing and curating speaker series that are relevant and resonate with the interests and diverse makeup of our community on both a regional and global level. These discussions are often followed by a series of informal dialogues, allowing for a healthy exchange or reflections and increasing a sense of inclusion and belonging on our campus.

Research Fellowship Programs

Various research development programs aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking to leverage their significant research activities and to contribute to the growth and development of the research infrastructure around inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity, across NYU’s global network of campuses and research centers.

Al Berwaz Newsletter

The OIE issues the Al Berwaz bi-weekly newsletter that promotes IDBE programs and initiatives available for NYUAD community members.