Executive Education for Organizations

Who We Are

Global organizations today face complex issues that can’t be solved by generic solutions. We challenge, inspire, and prepare your leaders to take on complex issues, implement your company's vision, and develop the tools to be successful change agents.

Global Network with a Global Reach

NYU Abu Dhabi, located at a new crossroads of the world, enriched by the intellectual vitality and research opportunities of a new world-class research institute, and benefiting from an active connection to NYU New York and other NYU global sites, provides the finest educational opportunity in the world for professional development, with some of the world’s most influential faculty.

Our world is witnessing drastic change, faster than ever. In a borderless business world, organizations must continuously adapt and evolve within their changing markets. Constant change requires the ability to adapt, lead, and maintain a vision based on common values and desired results. Leading diverse teams and creating agile organizations is yet another challenge.

NYU Abu Dhabi’s Office of Executive Education (OEE) is uniquely positioned to support the development efforts that organizations need to meet these challenges. Founded on the principle that executive development needs to be collaborative, relevant, and measurable, the OEE’s purpose is to design a new and more relevant approach to executive development that would be fit for the challenges and business environment of the 21st century.

Supporting Regional Objectives

We support reional objectives of the UAE National Charter 2021, Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 and Saudi Vision 2030, with transformational programs that focus on executive development in areas such as leadership, digital transformation, operational excellence, economics, innovation and intrapreneurship, global policy-making, culture and the arts, healthcare, and education, among others.

The OEE is committed to value creation for people and organizations. We achieve transformational results by working in partnership with organizations to co-create bespoke, future-focused learning designs that empower people, develop leaders, and enhance the strengths of businesses.

Our Approach, Our Impact

Discover, Design, Deliver

The Office of Executive Education designs, develops and delivers customized and open enrollment programs to meet the needs of organizations and executives. 

Our work begins with a blank canvas and, through real collaboration, we gain an in-depth understanding of your business’s learning needs and strategic goals. 

We Focus on the Business Results That Matter — to Your Business

We partner with your organization throughout the entire process of design and delivery. Our work begins with understanding, empathizing with, and challenging your assumptions, vision, and objectives through needs assessment interviews with key stakeholders and a review of organizational challenges and competencies. 

We work closely to fine-tune our understanding of your organization, culture, challenges, and opportunities, and to ensure the curriculum meets your objectives.

A Collaboration That Doesn't End With the Program

Participants experience an environment where ideas and norms are continuously challenged by seasoned business practitioners, future-focused academic theory, and some of the world’s most influential faculty.

To achieve real value-creation, our collaboration continues during and after the program as we work with you to ensure that learning outcomes are preserved in your business.

Our custom executive education programs target organizations' specific business needs and build rock-solid alignment around their strategic goals.

A custom program with NYUAD is a transformational learning journey that delivers meaningful and enduring change — from within. Together we open your organization to break-through thinking and empower your people to navigate volatility and uncertainty to deliver the competitive advantage and sustainable growth you need to thrive — today and tomorrow.

Our Programs

Computer Science and Engineering
Digital Transformation
Economics and Financial Management
Leadership Development
Talent Development

Transformational Learning Experiences

NYUAD Executive Education specializes in creating highly-customized, results-oriented programs that address proprietary challenges. We ensure that each custom program is tailored to the organization's and participants' desired outcomes and includes business-driven, action-learning initiatives.

Our programs enable leaders to act upon their new perspectives and establish business cultures that drive your organization’s growth. Our programs stand on key pillars:

True Partnerships
Co-creation for us is a mindset that guides our relationships with clients from day one.

Cultural Awareness
Our custom programs have a global perspective with local resonance, integrating key topics with specific cultural and linguistic contexts.

Industry Expertise
Our industry experts understand the big issues that shape our world.

Bespoke Assets
Each program is tailored to address specific challenges. Learning methodologies, technology, and our experts are shaped by the organization’s needs.