Additional Services

For the convenience of your conference or event, we can also provide customizable add-on accommodation and food catering services.

Visitor Accommodation

We have a variety of living spaces available on campus based on required spaces and needs. All accommodations are located on the second level of the campus, along the High Line.

  • laundry is available 24 hours a day, with possible requests for 24-hour express service
  • car rental service
  • automated teller machine (ATM)
  • pharmacy
  • car cleaning available on request
  • Semi-Studio Apartments
  • Dormitory-Style Apartments
  • Residential apartments vary in size from one to three bedrooms, many of which have balconies.

    One-bedroom apartments

    • furnished with space ranging from 62mto 93m2
    • living room, kitchen area, and separate bedroom

    Two-bedroom apartments 

    • furnished with space ranging from 94mto 134m2
    • living room, kitchen area, and two separate bedrooms

    * If required, housekeeping will be charged at an additional fee. 

Food Catering

We provide catering for hundreds of versatile events every year on campus. Whether you are organizing a film screening, an awards ceremony, an informal reception, business meeting, or conference, we can help you create the bespoke event you want with our campus spaces.

Our menus offer a wide selection of food and beverages to meet everyday requirements across a number of venues. If you have any specific requirements, our team will work with you to meet your needs.

Meal Vouchers

Pre-paid meal vouchers can also be purchased for your conference and event if required. Attendees can use their pre-paid meal voucher at any one of our four dining venues on campus

Alternatively, the four campus dining venues are also open to the community and your attendees will be able to enjoy a meal or a drink via cash or card payments.