Senior Compliance Advisor - Office of Compliance

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Position Summary

UAE Nationals are encouraged to apply.

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint a Senior Compliance Officer, reporting to the Chief Compliance Officer.

The Senior Compliance Advisor operates under the Chief Compliance Officer’s guidance at NYUAD's Office of Compliance (OC). The Senior Compliance Advisor, though holding a legal background, operates outside the capacity of a traditional lawyer. This role will primarily focus on ensuring that NYUAD remains compliant with all internal and external regulations, policies, and procedures. The Senior Compliance Advisor will work closely with various departments and support the Chief Compliance Officer and his Assistant Compliance Officers in providing expert advice on regulatory requirements, labor risk management, and best practices.

This role is crucial in supporting NYUAD's Compliance Program undertakings. The selected individual will possess confidential and exclusive insights into NYUAD's operations and access to extremely sensitive data. An ideal candidate for this position will be discreet, energetic, agile, strategic, proactive, straightforward in communication, meticulously organized, and deeply aligned with NYUAD's vision, mission, and values. Their main responsibilities center on labor compliance.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct planned and unplanned worker interviews with contractors and all tier subcontractor employees
  • Keep track of anomalies identified by interviews and develop a process to validate inappropriate contractor and subcontractor labor concerns
  • Understand the need to initiate audits of accommodations or other labor issue and set the tempo for ensuring compliance at all levels
  • Conduct contractor-provided accommodation inspections in line with International Labor Organization (ILO)Standards, NYUAD SCC and Labor Standards, report on findings, and monitor remediation if and as required
  • Develop a process or procedure that ensure transportation inspections are conducted in line with the SCC and UAE standards and regulations;
  • Track monthly interviews with contractor employees (approximately 30 interviews per month), in collaboration with third-party NYUAD contractors, NYUAD faculty, and NYUAD operations departments to monitor compliance with NYUAD SCC and Labor Standards
  • Comprehend all Contractor agreements
  • Advise contractors on developing and maintaining a robust labor compliance program by instituting potential language onto contractors’ and subcontractors’ agreements
  • Attend meetings and follow up with NYUAD’s government partner, third-party contractors and NYUAD operations departments on various labor compliance-related issues
  • Receive, review and document labor compliance inquiries and complaints from NYUAD contractor employees and negotiate conflict resolutions;
  • Review NYUAD contractors’ monthly reports, demographic data and follow up on pending and unresolved issues
  • Facilitate the retention of confidential labor compliance information in accordance with University policy and Execute thorough labor compliance audits of books and records for all contractors, and direct and advise contractors on the conduct of audits of their subcontractors, including by actively participating in or supervising audits of their subcontractors. This process aims to ensure a deep understanding of the contractual SCC obligations, responsibilities and liabilities, designated to each contractor
  • Ensure the consistent and thorough application of investigative principles, promoting accountability, transparency, and integrity in all investigative activities, while safeguarding the interests of the organization and upholding its reputation and standards.
  • Assess information, determine whether or not an investigation is warranted, if so, prepare an investigative plan. Conduct investigations of alleged violations of NYUAD ethical standards or non-compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct, applicable laws, regulations and policies
  • Ensure that investigations follow the approved process, are lawfully and objectively conducted, and are thorough in gathering all material facts and present an accurate accounting of the issues.Working with Risk Management, Insurance, and Internal Assurance, analyze how key risks and controls impact the institution from an operational, accounting and/or systems perspective and document processes, procedures, and control environment. Identify internal control deficiencies as well as opportunities to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness, and communicate these results in written reports
  • Make recommendations as part of the investigative reports to improve processes. Advise on the relevant policies and procedures that require development and/or revision to close deficiencies and enhance internal controls
  • Provide insights into the development and maintenance of the OC services database, compile metrics regarding policies, compliance and risk inquiries, training, monitoring, etc. in all Compliance areas (general and labor compliance)
  • Provide coordination support and assist with preparation of labor compliance reports and dashboards for the Chief Compliance Officer and other OC team members

Required Education:

  • Bachelors Degree

Required Experience:

  • 3+ years experience in labor compliance environment
  • Experience in higher education

Preferred Education:

  • Masters Degree in data analytics
  • Training in UAE Labor Laws, workplace investigations, and/or labor compliance monitoring and auditing ispreferred
  • A terminal law degree or Master’s degree in data analytics, public policy, international relations, labor relations, oran MBA from an accredited university
  • Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional

Other Information

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