Director of Operational Risk and Fiscal Assurance - Office of Chief Administrative and Business Officer (CABO)

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Position Summary

UAE Nationals are encouraged to apply

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint a Director of Operational Risk and Fiscal Assurance reporting to the Chief Administrative and Business Officer.

The Director of Operational Risk and Financial Assurance, reporting to the Chief Administrative Business Officer (CAB0) will oversee operational risk analysis and mitigation for emerging trends and ongoing issues that may impact NYUAD.   Working with University Risk teams, the Director will help unit leaders understand the difference between operational risk and enterprise risk.  The Director will serve as a primary advisor to the Vice Chancellor regarding operational risk.  As part of this work, the Director will help assure compliance with financial and tax policies, recommending policy changes as appropriate.  Finally, the Director will support the CABO with risk management related to contracts.   The Director will provide advice and direction regarding NYUAD’s contract management process and support the CABO to review business terms for major contracts when necessary.

Key Responsibilities:

Operational Risk

  • Advise the Vice Chancellor and CABO on institutional Risk mitigation strategies
  • Assess operational risk related to all aspects of the CABO organization, especially focusing on financial risk and emerging trends
  • Participate in the review of operational risk registers for finance, HR, and operations
  • Work closely with Risk and Internal Audit aligning operational risk with enterprise risk and comment on possible subject matter for internal audit review

Financial and Taxation Assurance  

  • Provide advice and consultation regarding NYUAD tax policies and compliance:
  • US Taxation
  • UAE Value Added Tax
  • Other tax issues that may occasionally arise
  • Drive investigations of instances of possible financial impropriety
  • Work closely with Risk and Internal audit to evaluate implementation plans to resolve audit findings and drive completion of implementation plans by responsible officials, holding those officials accountable
  • Drive analysis of NYUAD’s financial activity to identify potential risks and possible opportunities for improvement

Contract Review and Compliance

  • Advise and represent the CABO in the development of new contracts and contract modifications
  • Create a program to ensure contract managers are fulfilling their contract oversight obligations
  • Work with the Office of Legal Counsel to ensure contracts express the correct business terms which protect and promote the best interests of the university

Required Education:

  • Bachelor's degree

Preferred Education:

  • D. or LL.M.

Required Experience:

  • 10 years of experience dealing with complex legal and regulatory matters

Other Information

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