Assistant Compliance Officer

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Position Summary

UAE Nationals are encouraged to apply

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint a Assistant Compliance Officer to report to the Chief Compliance Officer.

The NYUAD Office of Compliance and Risk Management (OCRM) is responsible for the development and implementation of a compliance program that advises NYUAD in carrying out its mission with integrity and in accordance with NYUAD’s legal, regulatory, and ethical responsibilities. The NYUAD compliance program consists of various elements, including, well-communicated policies and procedures, ongoing training and education, and compliance risk management. NYUAD OCRM is also responsible for assuring proper coordination and integration of the Compliance Program with global Compliance Program of New York University.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Directly interface with department heads on behalf of NYUAD OCRM in carrying out responsibilities of NYUAD OCRM
  • Lead compliance training and awareness programs related to the University’s Code of Ethical Conduct and Conflicts of Interest policies (and other policies as appropriate) for NYUAD’s administrative and academic units
  • Liaise directly with Director, Learning and Development regarding NYUAD OCRM training and awareness program
  • Liaise directly with the Office of the Provost regarding faculty policy awareness sessions and monitoring of the administration of the Annual Disclosure Process for the Policy on Academic Conflicts of Commitment and Conflicts of Interest
  • Work with Human Resources to develop and implement broader awareness and participation amongst the entire community for OCRM training and awareness sessions
  • Facilitate the process for distribution of Administrative Conflicts of Interest Disclosures including review, analysis and preparation of management plans for any identified conflicts
  • Facilitate Policy Review Administration, including review of all policies and procedures in collaboration with cross departmental members of Policy Review Committee
  • Enhance the compliance training and awareness program in collaboration with Human Resources (including, developing and implementing iLearn training modules that complement live Code of Ethical Conduct and other training and awareness programs)
  • Liaise directly NYUAD directors participating on the NYUAD Compliance and Risk Management Officers Working Group, and other department head across NYUAD academic and administrative units to compile annual compliance training statistics for annual and semi-annual reports to the Audit Committees
  • Facilitate NYUAD departments development of compliance training program, as appropriate
  • Develop and update of the OCRM intranet page content
  • Conduct research on various compliance related issues, including, reviewing University policies, best practices, laws and regulations in various compliance risk areas, such as, research compliance, privacy, public safety and other compliance risk areas
  • Represent NYUAD OCRM on standing EHS committees and other meetings as requested by the Chief Compliance Officer
  • Represent NYUAD Office of Compliance and Risk Management in various global network university committees, including, the NYU Compliance and Risk Officers Working Group
  • Lead and conduct meetings with NYUAD contractors with respect to contractual compliance with the SCC
  • Lead and conduct update meetings with NYUAD directors and departments that have responsibility for managing operational service contracts to discuss contractors’ performance and compliance with the SCC
  • Conduct monthly labor compliance monitoring activities and audits, including:
  • Conduct monthly interviews of NYUAD contract staff to ensure suppliers’ compliance with NYUAD labor standards
  • Conduct audits of supplier books and records and participate in accommodation inspections
  • Ensure compliance with NYUAD labor standards
  • Receive and document labor complaints
  • Develop and lead training and awareness sessions for suppliers regarding their obligations with the Labor Standards
  • Participate and observe toolbox talks led by suppliers for contract staff

Required Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree. Certification, licensure, demonstrated experience in compliance, audit, or human resources

Preferred Education:

  • Graduate degree in compliance, audit, investigative, risk management, human resources, higher education, law, or other relevant field
  • Certification, licensure in audit, compliance or risk management
  • Demonstrated professional experience in compliance, audit, or human resources in higher education

Required Experience:

  • 5 – 10 years' relevant compliance, legal, audit, risk management experience, human resources or equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to structure and conduct interviews to gather requirements
  • Analytical skills to analyze the requirements and define scope and deliverables. Strong attention to detail to summarize, analyze, and report compliance risk information
  • Leadership skills in working with diverse constituency, consensus building, ability to identify risks and developing risk mitigation strategies
  • Analytical skills and attention to detail are necessary to summarize, analyze, and report risk information

Preferred Experience:

  • Regional experience in compliance, legal, audit, investigative, risk management experience or human resources
  • Regional higher education experience
  • Regional labor monitoring experience
  • MS PowerPoint
  • MS Excel
  • e-Learning software

Other Information

NYU Abu Dhabi is a degree-granting research university with a fully integrated liberal arts and science undergraduate program in the Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering. NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU New York, and NYU Shanghai, form the backbone of NYU’s global network university, an interconnected network of portal campuses and academic centers across six continents that enable seamless international mobility of students and faculty in their pursuit of academic and scholarly activity. This global university represents a transformative shift in higher education, one in which the intellectual and creative endeavors of academia are shaped and examined through an international and multicultural perspective. As a major intellectual hub at the crossroads of the Arab world, NYUAD serves as a center for scholarly thought, advanced research, knowledge creation, and sharing, through its academic, research, and creative activities.