Project Coordinator - The Zayed National Museum Bronze Age Ship Project (Fixed Term Contract until July 2022)

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Position Summary

UAE Nationals are encouraged to apply

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint a Project Coordinator for the Zayed National Museum Bronze Age Ship Project within the Arts & Humanities department, reporting to the Principal Investigator.

The Project Coordinator role has high impact on the project outcomes. They will have a large amount of administrative aupervision, managing the full project process including hiring of personnel, project logistics (building site setup and maintenance, sourcing, ordering and receiving materials, safety and risk management, permitting), supporting and managing the work of PIs and other project partners, coordinating public relations, coordination educational programs, and other duties in association with other project personnel. They will also manage the budget.

The Zayed National Museum Bronze Age Ship Project is a project for the construction of an 18-m Bronze Age ship for display in the central atrium of the Zayed National Museum. The ship will provide visitors with an invaluable example of one of the earliest forms of maritime technology in the Arabian Gulf. The ship will be a reconstruction of a hypothetical trading vessel from the Umm an-Nar period during the late 3rd millennium BCE, with internal wooden framing and an outer hull composed of reed bundles coated in bitumen. It will be built under the direction of both Zayed University (ZU) and New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) by professional shipwrights, experts and students from both universities. The vessel will rely a variety of historical evidence, including archaeological boat remains, iconography, and cuneiform texts from the Bronze Age, and will be constructed of natural, authentic materials that were available in the region at the time.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating the activities of the project personnel including organizing meetings, requesting reports and managing the project schedules to ensure the successful completion of the ship construction on time.
  • Managing researchers and the overall project, hrough organizing meeting between key section managers, PIs, compliance, finance and legal representatives and relevant stakeholders at the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT). 
  • Preparing and managing project budgets
  • Managing shifting of funds between line items, managing invoicing of DCT, managing invoices received from Zayed University and suppliers, creating purchase orders, managing procurement and arranging deliveries and imports of services, equipment and materials
  • Coordinate the activities and processes required for the hiring of personnel (at Zayed University), student assistants and interns
  • Coordinate associated travel, housing and budgeting
  • Coordinate procurement of services, equipment and materials required for site setup and ship construction and associated activities
  • Act as liaison between relevant project members (PIs, boat builders, designers, education managers, etc.) to ensure that needs ra being met, that procurement processes start on time and that providers are identified
  • Raise purchase orders, manage invoicing and rack payments and deliveries
  • Write progress report to identify meeting of construction milestones, identify bottlenecks or challenges and ensure project progress

Required Qualifications

  • Archaeology or cognate discipline in heritage and/or the past prefferable

Required Experience

  • Experience in project management and coordinator

Preffered Experience

  • Experience in project management/coordinator and the compliance frameworks of NYUAD

Other Information

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