Research Laboratory Technician - Core Technology Platform Operations

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Posting Date
October 10, 2018

About the Position

Position Summary

UAE Nationals are encouraged to apply

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint a Research Laboratory Technician Relations reporting to Director, Core Technology Platform Operations.

The Research Laboratory Technician will work closely with the Research Instrumentation Specialists/Scientists (RIS) and assist in maintaining and operating the Core Technology Platforms’ (CTP) laboratories. Duties will include routine inspections of the CTP laboratories, instruments, documents and lab signs, to ensure the labs are ready for researchers to conduct their experiments; aiding the CTP RIS in maintaining oversight on the CTP laboratories, meet NYUAD Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) requirements, and enforce the EHS regulations in the Core labs in general and for each CTP instrument in particular; assist the RIS in keeping the Core labs clean, and in workable and safe conditions at all times; collecting data over time to monitor instrument performance; maintaining CTP related documentation, such as standard operating procedures and equipment calibration reports; preparation, autoclaving and maintenance of laboratory reagents and supplies needed for maintenance, cleaning and experimentation; maintaining an inventory of laboratory materials, equipment, spare parts, and consumables; handling of hazardous waste disposal for the CTP laboratories; aiding the RIS in organizing and maintaining cleaning rosters in shared spaces and assisting with end user training sessions on an as needed basis.

The candidate may be required to assist the CTP laboratories in additional tasks, if requested by CTP management. The candidate will also work with researchers and faculty on an as-needed basis. This will include assisting researchers and faculty in running their experiments using relevant CTP equipment, and/or operating the instruments.

The candidate should be able to demonstrate knowledge and experience with research level laboratory instrumentation and must have a background and hands on experience in handling chemicals and biological substances. Experience with laboratory instrument maintenance and calibration, as well as laboratory inventory is required.

As a member of CTP, the candidate will be expected to work with different groups of researchers and disciplines, including chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering and provide support. The candidate must be willing to be trained on additional equipment as required and operate them.

Note: Fixed Term Contract (renewable subject to business needs)

Key Responsibilities
  • Support RIS in maintenance and operation of CTP labs to ensure a clean, functional and safe laboratory environment for the researchers
  • Inspect, clean, calibrate and monitor performance of instrument, to ensure CTP instruments are operational and maintained/repaired as required
  • Handle the appropriate disposal of hazardous waste created in CTP labs
  • Support the RIS in keeping laboratory documents up to date, filed and/or displayed as required
  • Prepare laboratory reagents and supplies and keep an inventory; place orders for replacements as required
  • Provide technical assistance to end users

Education Requirements

  • Technical Certificate, Technical laboratory training
  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology/Chemistry

Experience Requirements

  • Background in laboratory support. Minimum of five years’ experience working in research laboratories. Experienced and capable of running research grade analytical equipment
  • Excellent command of English, spoken and written, including technical terms
  • A minimum of two years of experience in higher education laboratories. Experience in cell biology and tissue culture laboratory

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