Executive Director, Campus Operations

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February 6, 2018

About the Position

Position Summary

UAE Nationals are encouraged to apply

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) seeks to appoint an Executive Director, Campus Operations to join the Operations Team at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD). The Executive Director will report into to the Office of Vice Chancellor and will run the operations of the University.

The Executive Director, Campus Operations will play a significant role in ensuring that the designated areas of campus are operated and maintained in the most effective and creative way to support the academic mission of the university and propel the campus into becoming a prominent center of intellectual and cultural activity for Abu Dhabi and the Middle East.

Additionally, the Executive Director, Campus Operations will be responsible for the seamless functioning and contract management of the facilities and campus operations encompassing Facilities Management, MEP, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Transportation, Faculty and Student Housing, Environmental Health and Safety, Auxiliary Campus services (such as mail delivery, office space, furniture and bookstore), to support the programmatic needs and the institutional mission.

Key Responsibilities
  • Oversee the NYUAD’s Construction Management program and capital budget, which includes major and minor construction/renovation projects
  • Oversee the management and direct all of the operations of the environmental health and safety program
  • Manage NYUAD service contracts, which include food and beverage, facilities management, transportation, bookstore, mailroom services, subcontractors of the contractors and other contracts into which NYUAD enters
  • Establish performance standards and specifications, and enforce contract requirements for outside contractors responsible for providing services and/or maintaining facilities that fall under NYUAD scope
  • Negotiate and supervise large-scale maintenance, service-provider and custodial service contracts related to areas that fall under NYUAD scope
  • Prepare and track annual budget and expenditures; submit reports, correspondence, budget documents, plans, records and presentations and direct monthly tracking and reporting of all assigned activities
  • Oversee the performance management of several hundred workers of the third party vendors that perform the maintenance throughout the campus, and in conjunction with Compliance department, support adherence to NYUAD’s labor standards by the contractors consistent with the agreed standards
  • Attend meetings with Abu Dhabi and UAE government organizations, NYU New York, third party business partners, and NYUAD internal meetings
  • Direct the operations, maintenance and repairs, minor construction and all soft services of all academic, administrative and auxiliary buildings and structures, including all furnishings and grounds, utilities and structures
  • Provide technical assistance and advice on facility related issues; inspect, investigate complaints and resolve issues related to facilities, campus services and housing
  • Develop and implement departmental policies and procedures and identify and manage departmental risks

Education Requirements

  • Master’s degree in Engineering, Architecture or Construction Management
  • Engineering licenses such as Licensed Professional Engineer

Experience Requirements

  • Minimum 15 years of experience in engineering design, facilities management, construction management and campus operations in comparable positions, preferably with an established international education institution
  • Proven experience successfully working and collaborating with multiple stakeholder groups, including internal end-user groups, government partners, external government agencies, and stakeholders at the main campus in New York
  • Extensive experience in managing diverse groups of employees in a wide range of occupations
  • Extensive experience managing large service contracts and negotiating complex issues, working with such contractors and their employees
  • Experience managing environmental, health and safety organizations
  • Extensive experience reading codes, blueprints, construction documents, specifications, reports, drafting information and proposal requests (i.e. RFI and RFP
  • Experience with the design and construction of electrical and mechanical building systems
  • Problem solving with architectural/ structural/ electrical/ mechanical/ plumbing/ fire protection building systems
  • Similar experience in a university campus environment
  • Prior experience in the Middle East and strong understanding of the local culture

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NYU Abu Dhabi is a degree-granting research university with a fully integrated liberal arts and science undergraduate program in the Arts, Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Engineering. NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU New York, and NYU Shanghai, form the backbone of NYU’s global network university, an interconnected network of portal campuses and academic centers across six continents that enable seamless international mobility of students and faculty in their pursuit of academic and scholarly activity. This global university represents a transformative shift in higher education, one in which the intellectual and creative endeavors of academia are shaped and examined through an international and multicultural perspective. As a major intellectual hub at the crossroads of the Arab world, NYUAD serves as a center for scholarly thought, advanced research, knowledge creation, and sharing, through its academic, research, and creative activities.