Instructional Services

For Students

The Library Instruction Program helps students with course- or research-related questions and assignments. Librarians are available for individual consultations and can help students organize their research, brainstorm topics, find resources for assignments, and provide individualized, tailored instruction in using online databases and other electronic resources.

NYUAD web research guides (LibGuides), are a great way to begin research. Created by librarians, these guides suggest subject- and course-specific print and electronic resources, search strategies, and more.

For Faculty

The Library Liaison Program aims to foster communication and collaboration between librarians and faculty. Librarians work with faculty members to develop strong collections in their respective disciplines, to inform faculty of library resources and services related to their research areas, and teach tailored research sessions upon request.

Instructional support for classes can include course-specific instruction in the library or classroom — via online tutorials or research guides or with instructional materials integrated into NYU Classes course pages.

Digital Studio & Data Services

The Digital Studio, located in the NYUAD Library, is the campus gateway to digital and data services supporting scholarship, teaching, and coursework. The Digital Studio offers a collection of academic technology services to students, faculty, and staff for a wide range of projects. The Digital Studio works closely with NYU New York Digital Studio and Data Services colleagues based in Bobst Library, to provide a comprehensive resource for students, faculty, and staff.


The Digital Studio staff provide advice and consultation to guide projects, including help with project planning, selecting the correct tools to achieve the project's goals, and following best practices in the use of new technology.

Hands-on Assistance

Digital Studio staff can also help students, faculty, and staff use the various tools offered, including demonstrations on digitizing video, using a learning management system such as NYU Classes to create a course website, using file management software to archive research documents and manipulating statistical and geographic data.

Supported Tools and Equipment

The NYUAD Library supports a variety of systems, software applications, printing options and equipment that have been selected to help students, faculty, and staff meet their goals.