A distinctive element of NYUAD is a robust research environment, one that supports the disciplinary areas of the curriculum, creates collaborations in new and exciting interdisciplinary fields, nurtures the development of graduate programs, and supports research of the highest quality on topics of importance and relevance to Abu Dhabi and to our world today. NYUAD is creating an environment that stimulates advanced research, scholarship, and creative activity.

From Cell to City: Otherworldly Science

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NYUAD Institute

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The NYUAD Institute is a center of advanced research, scholarly and creative activity, and public workshops. The Institute operates through two closely integrated areas: Programs and Research.

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Literature and Creative Writing

NYUAD faculty are leaders in their fields and are committed to the academic exploration and analysis that drives a research instutition.

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Cell Division

Postdoctoral fellows and associates bring expertise from international laboratories, often with existing collaborations to assist the broader reach of global research efforts.

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Infrastructure and Support


From our supercomputer BuTinah, to our Core Technology Platforms that provide critical infrastructure and services to researchers across disciplinces, NYUAD has developed top-notch research facilities.

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NYUAD Junior Continues Chemistry Research During CSE Internship

Whether it's in a lab or in an archive, research is a critical part of the NYUAD experience. And there are many resources available to help students achieve their goals.

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NYUAD Student in the DTC Library

The library provides spaces for engagement between faculty and students, complemented by quiet areas for concentration and contemplation. Service to scholars is the primary mission of the NYUAD library staff.

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