1. Putting Global Intellectual History in its Place

    Part of "How to Write Global Histories"

  2. Abu Dhabi Reads: Animal Farm

  3. Consciousness: How the Brain Creates the Mind

  4. Oceans in Literary Imagination and Historical Consciousness

  5. ​How Migration Makes Meaning

  6. Exploring Nowhere: Mirages, Digital Maps, and the Historical Problem of Location

  7. The Meeting Point between Science, Technology, and Art

  8. Navigating Deterrence: Law, Strategy, and Security in the 21st Century

  9. Innovation and Renewal in the Traditional Arts

  10. The Art of Diplomacy in the 21st Century

  11. Translation Today: A Muslim Suicide

  12. Dark Matter:  The Mystery Deepens

  13. A Global History of the African Diaspora

    Part of "How to Write Global Histories"


  15. Girl Rising: Storytelling for Social Change

  16. Neither Visionaries nor Bean Counters

  17. Clouds, Convection, and Data

  18. Luca Barcellona: Take Your Pleasure Seriously

  19. Metamorphoses, Lovers, Heroic Deeds

  20. Center for Technology and Economic Development IV

  21. Tales That Travel: Storytelling in Eurasia

  22. Whispers of Abu Dhabi History in the Oral Tradition

  23. Autism: New Mutations, Genes and Pathways

  24. Genomics & Systems Biology IV

  25. Building Apps for Social Good in the Arab World

  26. The UAE in Early Islamic History

  27. The Enlightenment in Global History

    Part of "How to Write Global Histories"

  28. Technics and Politics of Urban Expertise: A Gulf Case Study

    Part of "New Scholarship on the Arabian Peninsula"

  29. In the Land of the Ichthyophagi

  30. Encouraging Innovation: How to Accelerate the Discovery of New Medicines

  31. The Transformation of Civil Wars, 1800-2010

  32. Of Gases, Prices, Triangles, and Men

  33. Forming Intersections & Dialogues (FIND): The Artist and The Scholar

  34. Leadership Across Boundaries

  35. Understanding Ethics

  36. Normativity and Reasoning

  37. Copy Left | Al‐Khoroug lel‐Nahar/Coming Forth by Day 

  38. Life on the Baynunah River: Abu Dhabi 7 Million Years Ago

  39. Scheherazade’s Children: A Conversation with Marina Warner

  40. Doubt in Islamic Law: Burden or Benefit?

  41. Humanitarian and Development Aid for the World's Children

  42. Transforming Settings for Children and Youth

  43. Abu Rami | Syngue Sabour/The Patience Stone

  44. Muslim World or Ummah? Origins, Content, and Evolution of Pan-Islamic Thought

    Part of "How to Write Global Histories"

  45. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Falcons, and Abbasid Hunting Poetry

  46. Fifty Years with Mandela: From Lawbreaker to Lawmaker

  47. Library of Arabic Literature

  48. Arabic Philosophy within/without the Western Canon

  49. Impossible Citizens: Dubai's Indian Diaspora

    Part of "New Scholarship on the Arabian Peninsula"

  50. Young Voices of Abu Dhabi: Plan 2030

  51. TURNAROUND: Third World Lessons for First World Growth

  52. Beiruti Theater in Action

  53. Climate Change: A Failure of Politics?

  54. Powering the Next Century

  55. Abu Dhabi Reads: The American Granddaughter

  56. Understanding Nabati Poetry: Tools of the Trade

  57. Nabati Poetry in the 21st Century

  58. CLEAR WATERS: Flute and Piano Recital

  59. Exploring Islamic Art at the Met: A Walking Guide

  60. 1967 and 2011: Arab Intellectual Responses

  61. Why is the UAE a Federation?

  62. Dark Matter: Evidence, Experiments, and Properties

  63. The Waterpipe: A Cultural Pastime or a Public Health Threat?

    Part of "Research at the NYUAD Institute"

  64. First International Conference on Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking

    Part of "Research at the NYUAD Institute"

  65. The Marvelous, Mundane Orient of Abu Zayd and Ibn Battutah

    Part of "Travel, Trade, and Knowledge Networks on the Indian Ocean"

  66. The Life We Live and the Art We Make

  67. M.D. (or the whale)

  68. A is for Arab: A Century of Stereotypes

  69. We Are All Corals Now

  70. Coral Reefs of the Gulf: A Unique Ecosystem

    Part of "Research at the NYUAD Institute"

  71. Conserving Coral Reefs in the Arabian Gulf: A Capacity Building Workshop

  72. MinD/Body:  Body Art and Performance in the Gulf Area

  73. London's Leonardo: Robert Hooke at the Dawn of Modern Science

  74. Sea Shadow

  75. From Bombay to Canton: Indian Merchants in 19th Century China

    Part of "Travel, Trade, and Knowledge Networks on the Indian Ocean"

  76. Women in Computing in the Arab World

  77. The Power of Theory: From Physics to Neuroscience

  78. Globalizing Histories of Science, Technology, and Medicine: Conceptual and Methodological Problems

  79. Modern Islam and Science

  80. The Development of the Trucial Coast: From the Buyids to the British

  81. Pre-Occupations in the UAE: The Work-a-Day World before Oil

  82. An Evening of Song and Poetry

  83. The Paradox of Classical Music: Gesture, Story, Speed

  84. Between Hormuz and Malacca, circa 1600: The World of Port-Cities

  85. Experimental Art and the Arab World

  86. Women's Leadership in the UAE: Negotiating Global and Local Perspectives

  87. Women’s Advancement in the UAE: Strategies for Success

  88. Poetry and Historical Memory

  89. The Future of Climate Change

  90. Global Institutions for Climate Finance

  91. The Odyssey

  92. Hidden Motions Lurking in the Deep: A Modern View of the Restless Ocean

  93. Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Security and Privacy – CRISSP-AD

  94. Cultural Encounters between Europe and the Arab World through the Ages

  95. Arab Culture and the European Renaissance: A New Perspective on a Neighbouring World

  96. Baroque Pearls

  97. Abu Dhabi Reads: Across the Empty Quarter

  98. Art-Making and the Avant-Garde in the UAE

  99. Zeb and Haniya

  100. A Frontier in Modern Oceanography

  101. Should We Engineer Life?

  102. The Original Music of the Emirates

  103. The Rahbani Legacy: A Path of Bees

  104. Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Semiconductor Electronics

  105. Design and Technology of Integrated Systems

  106. Musical Diversity in Concert

  107. Rhythm: What is it? Who has it? and Why?

  108. Musical Rhythm: Cross-Disciplinary and Multi-Cultural Perspectives

  109. African Women Write the Nation:  A Conversation with Susan Andrade

  110. Culture and Identity

  111. Big Data Systems, Applications, and Privacy

  112. The Alpine Iceman: Understanding Our Human Past Through Science

  113. Mathematical Myths and Misconceptions

  114. Organ Transplants, Islam, and Human Dignity in Egypt

  115. Building Apps for the Social Good in the Arab World

  116. What Does Your Genome Say About Who You Are?

  117. Genomics & Systems Biology III

  118. The World and its Challenges in 2013: A Conversation with Gordon Brown

  119. Syria and the Return of Great Power Politics

  120. Shadow Money, Shadow Parties, and the Future of American Democracy

  121. The Elusiveness of the Tablighi Jamaat

  122. Music and Science: What could modern genomics teach us about Beethoven?

  123. Literary and Culinary Adab in Arab Culture

  124. Evolution and Rational Agency

  125. Metaethics

  126. The Geography of Progress: Cities in a World of Seven Billion

  127. Opening a Window on the Extreme Universe

  128. Fantasies for Flute and Piano

  129. Caliphs and their Consorts: Translating Anecdotes and Poetry

  130. Is "Engagement" Dead? The US After 2012

  131. Library of Arabic Literature

  132. A Revolution in Healthcare: Systems and Proactive P4 Medicine

  133. Where the Sidewalk Ends: Informal Urbanism in Dubai

  134. Boom Cities: Urban Development in the Arabian Peninsula

  135. Young Voices of Abu Dhabi: Imagining Tomorrow’s Solutions

  136. Crosstown Crossroads: Historic Preservation and Creative Place-Making

  137. Photographs: Living Representations of Our Past, Present, and Future

  138. Middle East Photography Preservation Initiative

  139. The Music of the Arabic Renaissance

  140. Materials for Tomorrow's World: Nanoporous Coordination Polymers

  141. Abu Dhabi Reads: Life of Pi

  142. A Dream Play

  143. Friendship in the Classical World

  144. From Pearls to Oil

  145. Under Color of Authority

  146. Folding Paper: Visual Art Meets Mathematics

  147. The (In)visible Reality Beneath

  148. "Sisters": A Conversation with Nadia Benchallal

  149. Habitat Degradation on Coral Reefs

  150. The Biology of Coral Reefs in Extreme Environments

  151. How Non-Arab Muslims View the Arab World

  152. Layers | The Circle

  153. Tehran in Action | Chicken with Plums

  154. Noise | Alms for a Blind Horse

  155. Farewell Exile | Free Men

  156. Numbers in Nature, Arts, and Architecture

  157. Turbulence in Quantum Two-Fluid Systems

  158. Wages of Fear/La Salaire de la peur

    Part of "Journeys in Film History"

  159. Photography at the Arab Crossroads: A Colloquium

  160. Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

  161. Shrines of Ahl al-Bayt: Architecture, Ritual, Representation, and Education

  162. Pather Panchali/Song of the Little Road

    Part of "Journeys in Film History"

  163. Multimedia on Mobile Devices

  164. Next Generation Multimedia Research & Development

  165. Water, Expert Knowledge, and the Politics of Sustainability

  166. Ramlila of Ramnagar: Who is Rama?

  167. Linguistic Illusions: Where You See Them, Where You Don't

  168. Bridge of Knowledge: From East to West

  169. Pathways to Social Change: Women Leading the Way

  170. Realizing Potential: Emirati Women at the Forefront of Social Change

  171. Astronomy in the Gulf - 12th Forum

  172. Cairo Station/Bab el Hadid

    Part of "Journeys in Film History"

  173. Being Bedouin: Past and Present

  174. The Case for Liberal Education

  175. The Road to the White House 2012

  176. Tropical and Extratropical Interactions in Climate

  177. Networking the Cloud: Enabling Enterprise Computing and Storage

  178. Data Center and Cloud Computing Technologies

  179. Tokyo Story/Tokyo Monogatari

    Part of "Journeys in Film History"

  180. Uniting the Humanities and Technology through Engineering to Improve Quality of Life

  181. The Future of Engineering Education

  182. The Ramayana

  183. George Harrison: Living in the Material World

  184. Opportunities and Challenges Facing Arab Women in Computing

  185. Women in Computing in the Arab World

  186. Traditional Arabic Music: Between History and Modern Performance

  187. Courts and Performance in the Premodern Middle East

  188. Black Girl/La Noire de... | Borom Sarret

    Part of "Journeys in Film History"

  189. The Use of Force, Crisis Diplomacy, and the Responsibilities of States

  190. The Future of Global Governance

  191. Circadian Rhythms: Writ Large and Small

  192. Genomics and Systems Biology II

  193. Somalia, the Horn of Africa, and Food Security

  194. Enhancing Economic Development through Technology:

  195. What is Single Shot Cinema?

  196. Design Meets Philosophy

  197. Grass: A Nation's Battle for Life

  198. Towards Sustainable Management of a Shared and Important Marine Environment

  199. Woolly Wonder: A Yarn about Coral Reefs, Global Warming, Hyperbolic Geometry, and Community Art

  200. Coral Reefs of the Gulf

  201. Uncanny Valley: On the Digital Animation of the Face

  202. Poised Between the Past and the Future: The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  203. The Future of International Climate Action

  204. Climate Change: Finance and Governance

  205. Miramar

    Part of "Film Screening: Mahfouz Series "

  206. West Meets East: A Composer's View

  207. European Representations of Islam in the Era of Crusade

  208. Celebrating Emirati Literature (in English Translation)

  209. World Literature and Translation

  210. Translating Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq's Leg over Leg

  211. Mental Health as a Global Priority

  212. A Billion Minds and Lives: Global Strategies and Local Solutions for Integrated Health Care

  213. Library of Arabic Literature

  214. Too Creative for Science?

  215. Death of a Salesman

  216. From MR Imaging of Diffusion in White Matter: Tracks to Brain Interconnectivity

  217. Nationalization of the Workforce in the GCC Countries III

  218. Science and Society: Innovation, Technology & Biotechnology in the 21st Century

  219. Christo and Jeanne-Claude

  220. Midaq Alley - 1963

    Part of "Film Screening: Mahfouz Series"

  221. Building Apps for the Social Good in the Arab World

  222. The View from Somewhere: Discourse in the Humanities

  223. Producing Public Value through Cross-Sector Social Partnerships

  224. Deepening Research on Cross-Sector Social Partnerships in the Middle East

  225. Muslim Americans: Faith, Freedom, and the Future

  226. The Undispossessed: Photographs by Yasser Alwan

  227. A Bottom-Up Approach to the Rebuilding of Somalia: The Azania Case

  228. The Somali Modern Nation-State’s Rise, Failure, and Reconstruction

  229. The Obesity/Diabetes Threat and the Rise of Surgical Treatment

    Part of "Public Health Series"

  230. What the Global Economy Needs

  231. Khan Al Khalili

    Part of "Mahfouz Series"

  232. An Egyptian Pantheon at the Origin of European Painting

  233. A Cosmopolitan Pantheon: Panel Paintings from Roman Egypt

  234. Law and Literature: Portia's Brilliant Legal Strategy

  235. Gender, National Security, and Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Perspectives

  236. City of Life

  237. Heliopolis and Spring 89

  238. Sapak and 10 TO 11

  239. Slackistan and Wagah

  240. Aspects of the Hadhrami Migration to Southeast Asia in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

  241. Translating al-Shafi`i's Risala

  242. The Body as a Weapon: Understanding Suicide Bombing

  243. Le Grand Voyage

  244. A Bicycle Built for Two: Humans and Computers Making Music Together

  245. From Angstroms to Light Years: What is the Connection?

  246. Classical and Quantum Turbulence

  247. Women's Voices in the Muslim World

  248. Salut Cousin!

  249. Zeb & Haniya, Merlijn Twaalfhoven and Anani Dodji Sanouvi

  250. A Conversation with Khaled Abol Naga

  251. Imagining the Future: New Worlds, New Arts, New Models

  252. Intel Labs: Staying ahead of the Technology

  253. 3D Integration Workshop for High Performance Computing Systems

  254. Are Toleration and Neutrality Incompatible Ideals?

  255. Healthcare Reform in the US and the Barriers to Implementing These Changes

    Part of "Public Health"

  256. Nationalization of the Workforce in the GCC Countries II

  257. The Silence of the Palace (Samt al qusur)

  258. Markets: A Novel Approach to Assess Sovereign Debt Risk

  259. Completing the Urbanization Project

    Part of "New York/Abu Dhabi Futures"

  260. Carioca and Neighbors

  261. Social Media: Histories of the Book for the Digital Age

  262. Outspoken: Women Writers of the Middle East

  263. Survival: In the Folds of War

  264. The Stock Market and Corporate Investment

  265. Moments of Silence: The Authentic Literary Narratives of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988)

  266. The 'Heart and Mind' of Diplomacy: Twenty-First Century Cultural Diplomacy

  267. On Literature, Love and Revolution in the Arab World

  268. Enhancing Economic Development through Technology

  269. Commerce and Empire in India: the Centrality of the Hindu Temple

  270. Beliefs, Markets, and Empires: Understanding Mechanisms of Integration in Early  Societies

    See March 7 for companion public event.
  271. The Mummy / The Night of Counting the Years (Al-Mummia)

  272. Housing Middle Income Households in High-Cost Cities: Is There a Role for Government?

    Part of "New York/AbuDhabi Futures"

  273. Chaos

  274. Use and Misuse of Probability

  275. Obama's Health Reform: Is It Doomed? (And What About His Presidency?)

  276. The Thief of Baghdad

  277.  The US, the Emerging Powers, and Transnational Threats

  278. Beyond the Crash: Overcoming the First Crisis of Globalisation

  279. Repositioning Islam through THE 99

  280. The Nature of Taste

  281. The Science of Sad Sounds

  282. Political Currents in Egypt and the Middle East

  283. The Life and Afterlife of Indian Images: How Early Twentieth Century Archaeology and Conservation Transformed Ancient Indian Bronze Icons

  284. The Interface Between Field Archaeology and Conservation

  285. Trends in Air Transportation: Implications for Abu Dhabi and New York

  286. Middle Eastern Comics and their Place in the 21st Century

  287. Arab Voices

  288. Gardens of Eden, History, and the Human Imagination

  289. Collaborative Workshop on Climate Finance

  290. Climate Change and the Mathematics of Sea Ice

  291. The (Unfortunate) Complexity of Economic Systems

  292. Probability Theory, Statistical Physics and Applications

  293. The Evolution of Death

  294. The Data and Computer-Driven Transformation of Modern Science

  295. Supercomputing: The Imperative and the Path Forward

    See January 9 for companion public event.
  296. Understanding Social Entrepreneurship in a Time of Urgent Threats

  297. Musician Scholars of the Middle East

  298. Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in  the Gulf

  299. The US, Iran and the Gulf: Regional Context and Transnational Currents

  300. Obama's Foreign Policy

  301. The USA and Iran: Is Diplomacy Possible?

  302. Nationalization of the Workforce in the GCC Countries I

  303. In Defense of Politics

  304. The Science and Pseudoscience of Winning Elections

  305. Realizing the Ecological City? Ecology for the City and the "Ecocity" Challenge

  306. Art from Iraq and Iran?

  307. Situating Sustainability: Urban Ecology and the Problem of Context

  308. Interpreting The 1001 Nights for the Stage

  309. The Cosmopolitans: Photographs by Zubin Shroff

  310. Global Cost-Benefit Analysis: Challenges and Opportunities

  311. The Ethical Brain

  312. The Future is Now: Making Art / Thinking Ecology

  313. Understanding Privacy in Context

  314. Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Security and Privacy

  315. From Metaphor to Model: What Victorians Understood about Markets that Modern Economists Often Miss

  316. Global Finance after the Crisis

  317. From the World Wide Web to the "World Wide Computer"

  318. The Relevance and Irrelevance of Muslim Political Traditions

  319. A Brief History of Arab Music (with accompaniment)

  320. Common Challenges, Uncommon Cities - Mega-Projects

  321. Art Museums Here and Now

  322. Beyond Child Indicators: A Framework to Evaluate the Quality of Early Childhood Care and Programs in Global Contexts

  323. A Tale of Two Cities, and of Climate Change: Future Sea Level Projections in New York and Abu Dhabi

  324. The Collection and Display of Islamic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

  325. Parviz Tanavoli: A Life's Journey

  326. Library of Arabic Literature

  327. Africa, the Arabian Gulf and Asia: Changing Dynamics in Contemporary West Africa's Political Economy

  328. Africa and the Indian Ocean

  329. The Poetics and Politics of Writing

  330. Visual Reflections on Arabic Poetry

    Part of "Islamic Art and Architecture"

  331. Texts and Textiles: Thinking Historically About Material Culture in the Medieval Islamic World

    Part of "Islamic Art and Architecture"

  332. Leadership for a New Era: Fostering Leadership for Public Wellbeing

  333. Appreciating and Advancing Leadership for the Public Well-Being

  334. Power and Responsibility: Building International Order in an Era of Transnational Threats

  335. Emerging Powers, Global Security, and the Middle East

  336. Islamic Art in the Gulf Region: Collectors and Collections

  337. Strategic Issues Facing the Ports of New York and Dubai

  338. Matters of Taste: Neuroscience and Philosophy

  339. The Nature of Taste

  340. Hubble Trouble: The Expanding Universe and Dark Energy Enigma

  341. Future Horizons of Fundamental Physics

  342. The Eighth Day of Creation

  343. Genomics and Systems Biology

  344. The Arabian Nights: An Evening of Readings

  345. The Arabian Nights

  346. The Predictioneer's Game

  347. Higher Education in the Global Age Conference

  348. Mapping the Ancient World

  349. Teaching the Ancient World

  350. CO2 Rising: The World's Greatest Environmental Challenge

  351. The Conservation of Islamic Heritage Architecture in Cairo and the UAE

  352. Cosmopolitanism, Multiculturalism, and the Promise of Literature

  353. The Silk Roads: A New Historical Perspective

  354. Completing the Circuit: Formula 1, Yas Island, and the Future of Abu Dhabi

  355. Le Corbusier's "Toward an Architecture"

  356. Christian Images in Islamic Art

  357. The Science of Climate Change and Policy Implications

  358. Climate Change: Financing Green Development

  359. On Arabian Oral Poetry and Tribal Lore

  360. The Two Europes: Islam and Christendom, 711-1215

  361. Writing and Bilingualism

  362. Islamicate Cultures of Bombay Cinema

  363. Mumbai and the Indian Ocean: A Gulf's Eye-view of Globalization

  364. The Africa-Arab Gulf Relationships

  365. Muslim Cultures of Bombay Cinema

  366. Eisenstein's Film Form

  367. In the Public Eye: Media and Civil Society in the Arab World

  368. Education, Media, and Human Development

  369. The Search for Social Entrepreneurship

  370. Brain Imaging: A New Window into the Human Mind

  371. Edward Said's The World, the Text, and the Critic

  372. Kluge: The Haphazard Construction of the Human Mind

  373. Neurolinguistics and Imaging: Progress and Prospects

  374. "Outside the Box" Alternate Modernities

  375. Elections 2008: A Look Back and The Road Ahead

  376. Stephen Hawking's "A Briefer History of Time"

  377. Banking the World

  378. On the Art of the Novel