Research is an important part of the NYU Abu Dhabi education, and research opportunities are threaded throughout the undergraduate program. Students become active investigators and experience the challenge, creativity, and rigor involved in grappling with unanswered questions and proposing answers, considering problems from new angles, and developing new data.

At NYUAD, research is not limited to the senior year and to advanced courses. We understand research as a fundamental mode of learning that is applicable at every level of study. The required courses in most majors consider research methods and clarify the distinctive approaches of the disciplines. The Capstone project required in the students' senior year is a research-intensive experience.

Summer Research

NYUAD students have the opportunity to apply for grants that support summer research. In the summer of 2016, the Office of Research funded more than 70 students to conduct research in Abu Dhabi and at other universities and centers across the world. Below are some examples of the research which took place.


Salber Lee Williams (NYUAD '17) traveled to Florence, Italy with a selected group of 6 undergraduate actors from the NYU Tisch Drama department and dancers, both alumni and current Tisch MFA Dance students. Under the guidance of the Dean of Tisch, Allyson Green, they created a site-specific performance piece in the sculpture gardens of Villa La Pietra: an exploration of the incredible surroundings and a moment of reflection on life, as they located the point of intersection between dance and theater.

Jigar 2

Jigar Govind (NYUAD ’18) embarked on a frog collecting expedition across Ethiopia alongside Dr. Stephane Boissinot, postdoctoral researchers, and undergraduates during the first three weeks of his research experience. The next five weeks entailed extracting and sequencing DNA in the Boissinot Lab at NYUAD to study the genomics, metagenomics, and gene expression. “I am excited to discover what our research reveals regarding the host-pathogen interactions of the frogs we collected and the microorganisms that share their body space.”



Rogers Iradukunda (NYUAD '18) worked in the Environmental and Civil Engineering lab at NYUAD with professor Engui Liu. "Our main experiment was to investigate how wood dust affects the strength, hardening process, and shrinkage of cement when used as filler. One main reason why filler is important is that it can reduce the amount of cement used in construction, but still maintain the overall strength of the structure. The most exciting aspect of the research was that it was the first of its kind; we were the first people in the world to investigate the effects of wood dust as filler in cement."

mina kim

Mina Kim (NYUAD '18) worked at the Center for Technology and Economic Development (CTED) in Kumawu, Ghana, directed by Professor Yaw Nyarko. She took part in a project to familiarize local farmers in Kumawu with a mobile commodity market created by CTED, while analyzing the price data of various commodities from traditional markets in Ghana. "The lessons I learned came from stepping into the community and talking to local farmers. Their input inspired new ideas and revealed problems to be tackled. I saw various projects making slow yet significant change to people’s lives, and I am honored and grateful to have been a part of such change."


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