CPCM clouds, greenland

The Center for Prototype Climate Modeling (CPCM) is a new unit of the NYUAD Institute, thanks to generous funding approved by the Institute's advisory board. The primary mission of the Center is to bridge the gap between climate theory, modeling, and observation with the goal of improving our ability to predict future climate. Its goals are to explore, test, and implement cutting-edge ideas in climate prediction, and to provide a new link between the academic and modeling communities. A major focus of the Center is on improving our understanding of and ability to predict climate in the tropics and subtropics, changes which will have tremendous impact on Abu Dhabi and the Middle East.

The Center currently consists of its founders, Professor Andrew Majda (Principal Investigator), Professors Olivier Pauluis and Shafer Smith (Co-Principal Investigators), all from the Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU. The Center is managed by Asma Kamal, who is located at NYUAD. Over the next two years, the Center will hire scientists, support scientists and postdoctoral researchers. In addition, funds are available to support graduate and undergraduate research, mentored by the investigators and senior scientists. The primary tool of investigation will be the Institute's High Performance Computing Cluster. The Center will hold annual workshops on cutting-edge topics in climate science, and perform outreach activities for the benefit of the NYU and Abu Dhabi communities.

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After worst November weather in a decade scientists discover cause of UAE storms

Scientists believe they have discovered the origins of the extreme weather that hit the UAE last month.

Heavy rain and winds battered the country in November, causing flooding, havoc on the roads and school closures. One man in Ras Al Khaimah even died when his car was swept away by floodwater.

Its causes have been investigated by scientists at the Centre for Prototype Climate Modelling at New York University Abu Dhabi.