NYU Abu Dhabi’s latest HPC cluster, named “Dalma” is the replacement of the former "BuTinah" cluster. Again, it follows the tradition of naming our computers with famous U.A.E. islands. In this particular case, evidence from archeological digs suggests that the origin of domesticated dates is in the Gulf. Seeds have been found on Dalma Island, Abu Dhabi that are more than 7,000 years old see for example here. "Dalma" will continue BuTinah's critical role in supporting the computational requirements of the NYUAD research community. Dalma is also connected to Ankabut, the UAE’s national research and education network, supporting high-speed connectivity between educational, research, and non-profit organizations in the country.

The supercomputer is still the fastest in the UAE, built by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) and hosted in the NYUAD datacenter located in the Saadiyat campus. It comprises some of the latest technology in CPU architecture, storage and connectivity achieving 212 TFlops with 236 nodes. This means that Dalma’s performance is three times that of BuTinah!

Each Dalma node contains two 14-core Broadwell (28 CPUs per node) processors with 128 GB of memory interconnected through a 100Gb/s EDR infiniband. Users may also find a fast (BeeGFS) filesystem capable to perform 500,000 file operations per second, ideal for file intensive operations, along with a 900 TB Lustre parallel filesystem providing up to 50 GB/s bandwidth for big data I/O.

Additional larger memory nodes supply 192 GB of RAM, with additional 1 TB (32 cores) and 2 TB (72 cores) nodes dedicated for NYUAD’s Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. Graphics processing units and visualization nodes included in the system are used for specialized functions, such as the translation of data into images.

Dalma will not only provide a vital resource for NYUAD research centers and faculty members, it will also enable greater research collaboration between NYUAD and other institutions across the UAE and the region.

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