NYU Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi is a research university with a fully integrated liberal arts and science college. It draws students from around the world, and prepares them for the challenges and opportunities of our interconnected world.

NYU Abu Dhabi seeks to contribute and advance Abu Dhabi's transformation into a magnetic center of ideas, education, and talent.

NYU Abu Dhabi's core curriculum encourages students to look at the world with a critical eye and go beyond the familiar. Courses span the disciplines and address major global challenges, including the pursuit of equality, justice, peace, health, and sustainability.

Research & Innovation

Our world is changing. In a few short years, researchers at NYUAD have contributed to transformation of the Abu Dhabi region into a hub of innovation and progress.

Research into what makes us tick spans the disciplines from philosophy to psychology, linguistics, and neuroscience.

Researchers are producing developments from drones to potential cancer treatments.

Researchers are trying to better understand changes in climate.

Douglas Cook, assistant professor of engineering, runs a lab that is working to improve the strength of corn stalks by understanding how they fail.

The Conversation

The Conversation is a video series that presents short talks by NYU Abu Dhabi researchers and university guests on topics ranging from Astrophysics to Art History.

NYU Abu Dhabi scientists use a supercomputer to create simulations of space activity that will help them better understand the properties of real galaxies. Telescopes and other instruments provide 2D views of space whereas digital simulations can be moved, flipped, and rotated.

NYUAD researchers traveled to Burkina Faso in West Africa to figure out how genetics might be responsible for the wide variation in the severity of malaria, a deadly disease that affects millions.


The Class of 2016 is comprised of 135 students from some 60 countries.

Class of 2016 graduates are all over the world starting careers and companies, earning master's degrees, and making a difference.

Marhaba 2016

Marhaba (welcome in Arabic) to NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2020. Where are you from? Who's your roommate? What did you bring?

Experience Marhaba Week through the eyes of freshman Jack Adeney, Class of 2020, who came to Abu Dhabi from the UK.

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