Press Release

From Tamkeen, NYU Abu Dhabi's Partner:

NYU Abu Dhabi, and its Abu Dhabi partner Tamkeen, have and do take any allegations of contractor violations of the labor monitoring and compliance program with the utmost seriousness. The safety and welfare of those who built and operate the NYU Abu Dhabi campus is of paramount importance. In the four years of construction of the NYU Abu Dhabi campus, the groundbreaking labour standards compliance monitoring regime has been vigorously applied. As a result, any and all identified violations have been successfully and appropriately rectified. A thorough investigation of the allegations revealed in The New York Times article was begun immediately following its publication on 18 May, 2014. Once the investigation is complete, the results will be transparently reported, as has been the case in any allegation to date and in line with the ongoing reporting commitment of the project since its inception.