Press Release

Eighteen representatives from the General Secretariat of the Executive Council — Abu Dhabi, Federal Demographic Council, Statistics Centre — Abu Dhabi, and the Health Authority — Abu Dhabi have completed an intensive, two–week professional course called Methods of Survey Research conducted by New York University Abu Dhabi’s (NYUAD) Winter Institute of Social Sciences.

Recognizing the importance of research and data analysis to long–term policy and planning in the UAE, the NYUAD Winter Institute of Social Sciences was created to support human capital core skill development and to establish Abu Dhabi as a destination for cutting-edge research education by bringing together international and local experts.

NYUAD faculty trained research and data management professionals on survey methods, interview techniques, questionnaire design, and research analysis tools, using examples within social and health–related fields. Faculty also offered their assistance to advise on work–based projects that participants would be undertaking over the next six months.

Dean of Social Sciences at NYUAD Ivan Szelenyi said: “Research and data analysis are critical functions in policy and urban planning, and as the UAE continues to deliver on its ambitious development vision, it is important to stay up to date with the latest advancements in research methods. With this program we aim to help cultivate a strong research culture locally developing human capital and providing a forum for professionals in this field to interact and learn from each other.”

Dr. Yousif Salem Al Hammadi, manager of Survey Planning, Design, and Processing at Statistics Centre — Abu Dhabi, said: “This course provided our team with valuable reinforcement of best practice procedures in ensuring reliability and accuracy of research results. I look forward to continued engagement between SCAD and NYUAD to help build a research culture to serve Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision.”

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