Al Bloom, Vice Chancellor on Saadiyat Campus - January 2015
Press Release

The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, founder of this nation, set the directions and impetus for its development, while fostering a dedication to quality, productivity, and contribution to global understanding and cooperation, that have propelled this nation, despite its size and age, into a position of leadership in the 21st Century world. Each of us who has come to the UAE, just as those who were born here, are deeply inspired by his vision, accomplishment and legacy. Our University, NYU Abu Dhabi, is indebted to the commitment to excellence in education central to Sheikh Zayed’s vision and proudly seeks to reflect that vision in the mission and practice of its pedagogy and research. Designating next year the Year of Zayed, is a fitting tribute to the remarkable wisdom and humanity of this nation’s founding leader and reinforces our own pride in our Abu Dhabi home.

- Al Bloom,Vice Chancellor, NYU Abu Dhabi