Campus & Community articles from '2010'

  1. Inaugural MEF Meeting Hosts Author Reza Aslan

    Inaugural MEF Meeting Hosts Author Reza Aslan

    He has made appearances on The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Meet the Press, but this past Thursday, Reza Aslan (pictured center), acclaimed writer and contributing editor for The Daily Beast, sat with a group of 20 NYUAD students to discuss Islam, democracy, and contemporary Middle Eastern politics. The lucky students were part of the inaugural meeting of the Middle East Forum, a new organization sponsored by the NYUAD Institute that convenes biweekly as an environment for students to discuss Middle East politics and current events, analyze issues related to the region, and receive special access to notable academics in the field.
  2. The NBA Comes to Abu Dhabi

    Basketball may not be the most popular sport in Abu Dhabi — here, horse and camel racing, football, falconry, and motorsports take top spots on the list — but this past weekend close to 13,000 fans gathered at the Flash Forum on Yas Island during the inaugural NBA JamFest Abu Dhabi 2010, a three-day event that included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, appearances by NBA legend Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon, and performances by the New York Knicks City Dancers and the Milwaukee Bucks "Rim Rockers" Dunk Team.

  3. Performing for Peace

    "Musical performances can be appreciated as art, but they can also be appreciated as tools for exploring the world," said J. Martin Daughtry, assistant professor of Ethnomusicology at NYU New York and an NYUAD Affiliated Faculty member. Indeed, the ResoNations Education Session performances by both NYUAD and NYU students during the Innovation Talks Symposium III at the United Nations Headquarters on Thursday were designed to bring global communities together and use music as a vehicle for peace.
  4. Students Kayak for a Cause

    Students Kayak for a Cause

    Students got some good exercise recently while giving back to the Abu Dhabi community. Fifteen NYUAD students and a few staff members kayaked through the mangroves to a neighboring island and spent a few hours cleaning and picking up garbage.
  5. NYUAD and NYU Students to Perform Together, 7,000 Miles Apart

    Technology can really make the world feel small. And for NYUAD and NYU students taking part in the ResoNations Education Session — a component of the Innovation Talks Symposium III at the United Nations Headquarters — physical distance will all but disappear as they perform together during a master class, despite being 7,000 miles apart.
  6. NYUAD Flag Football Team Wins Championship

    NYUAD Flag Football Team Wins Championship

    By Wayne Young, NYUAD Associate Director of Athletics
    Last night the NYUAD American flag football team won the Duplays citywide recreation league championship 30-19, an incredible turnaround from its season-opening 42–6 loss.
  7. Angels in the Outfield

    The majority of NYUAD students know what it's like to be far away from home, missing friends and family, and craving a conversation in their native tongue. So it's no surprise that 11 students recently participated in a charity event for those in a similar situation. Competing in a charity football tournament to raise funds for The Angel Appeal, a project by The Mission to Seafarers, the students laced up their boots to help the organization provide seafarers at anchor (off the coast of Fujairah, but too far out to come ashore) vital contact from family and friends.
  8. Warhol in New York, Warhol in Abu Dhabi

    Warhol in New York, Warhol in Abu Dhabi

    NYU students in New York and NYUAD students in Abu Dhabi are linked by many things — a world-class education, the experience of a multicultural environment, and the opportunity to live in a bustling city, to name just a few — but one commonality in particular might be surprising: the presence of a top-notch modern art exhibit.
  9. The Class of 2014 Goes Camping

    Trading in the city lights for stars and some traditional Bedouin culture, 130 NYU Abu Dhabi students recently packed their bags for a night of camping in the desert. The trip, which took place last weekend, included a variety of activities. The diversions, including camel rides and sand surfing, provided the perfect opportunity for the students to take a break from studying and let loose with their classmates.
  10. Rainy Days

    Rainy Days

    Droplets of water fell from the sky last night — something that hasn't been seen in Abu Dhabi for quite some time. And it caused quite the commotion. This first rain — and thunder — of the season sent NYUAD students dashing outside, yelling, screaming, laughing, hugging, and jumping for joy. For some, these last few months have been the longest they've lived without rain. With excitement like this, here's hoping it does come back another day!

  11. Students Get Creative by "Getting Headless"

    Ten students were writing on white boards lining the wall of the student activities room. The day Salaam visited, the warm-up was an emotion spectrum, a list of things from good to bad, written in their respective areas of the board. After five minutes, the entire wall was covered. Positive notes like "Skyping with my brother" and "surprise pizza" were written on the "good" side; "only blueberry bagels left at the Downtown Campus Cafe, bummer" in the middle; and "Stats. That's it" and "someone stole my candy" on the "bad" side.

  12. Halloween Haunts Class of 2014

    For the students who normally celebrate Halloween, the Sama Tower festivities may have conjured up welcome images of home. However, for those who don't, the trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving were just two more things to enthusiastically add to their growing list of firsts.
  13. Abu Dhabi Film Festival Takes Over City, Inspires Film Students

    Abu Dhabi Film Festival Takes Over City, Inspires Film Students

    The red carpet has been rolled out for the fourth annual Abu Dhabi Film Festival! Taking place at various locations throughout the city, including the Emirates Palace and the Marina Mall, the nine-day festival, which began on October 14, will screen more than 170 films, from cinematic shorts and documentaries to Bollywood films and highly anticipated big-budget movies such as Secretariat.

  14. NYUAD Team Wins Dragon Boat Grand Championship

    The NYU Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat team took the top prize in the Schools/Universities category at the 3rd annual Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat Festival, held last Friday at the Shangri-La Hotel.
  15. In Their Own Words

    Time Out Abu Dhabi recently spoke to the NYU Abu Dhabi Class of 2014 to find out why they chose to study in Abu Dhabi, how they are adjusting to their new surroundings, and how they are "coping with the pressure of joining the city's academic elite."
  16. Let the Countdown Begin!

    Theme park aficionados, Ferrari admirers, and adrenaline junkies, mark your calendars! Ferrari World, the world's largest indoor theme park with the world's fastest roller coaster, will open one day early.

  17. David Levering Lewis Delivers Inaugural Address: Full Text

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Athens to Abu Dhabi: The Arrival of the Global University

    Vice Chancellor Bloom, Provost Piano, Ambassador Olson, distinguished guests and residents of this capital city, faculty members and staff, students of this brilliant inaugural class of 2014, we embark this month upon a remarkable educational enterprise — arguably, one of the most transformative of modern times.

  18. David Levering Lewis Delivers Inaugural Address

    "Our new neighborhood is the old one of the Fertile Crescent where Islam preserved and amplified the learning that Bologna and Paris built on two millennia ago," said two-time Pulitzer Prize winner — and NYU Abu Dhabi Affiliated Faculty member — David Levering Lewis as he delivered NYUAD's inaugural address. Lewis, a professor of history at NYU New York, is teaching When There Were Two Europes: Islam and Christendom, 711-1529, at NYUAD this semester.

  19. A Look at NYUAD's First Week

    A look back at NYU Abu Dhabi's first week.

  20. Classes Begin!

    Monday marked the first day of classes for NYU Abu Dhabi's Class of 2014. Since then, the Downtown Campus has been bustling with students filing into classrooms, studying in the library, enjoying lunch breaks in the café, and picking up supplies from the bookstore.

  21. Faculty Orientation — 3 Days Until Student Arrival!

    Sunday, August 29, marked the first day of orientation for NYU Abu Dhabi's inaugural faculty. Vice Chancellor Al Bloom addressed the group, reminding the faculty that they are embarking on a "historic undertaking," and with students arriving next week, excitement and anticipation were in the air.

  22. Telethon for Flood Relief

    Last night Abu Dhabi TV aired the first segment of a three-day telethon fundraiser to help flood victims in Pakistan. The first evening of the event raised AED 25 million (almost USD 7 million) in aid, and organizers expect that the final broadcast on Friday will bring in more than the remainder of the AED 100 million target.

  23. John Sexton on Charlie Rose Show

    "We are able to do what we dream of doing." This is how NYU President John Sexton characterized NYU Abu Dhabi during his recent appearance on the Charlie Rose show. On the show, Sexton addressed a wide range of topics, including his journey to becoming NYU's president, the global network university, and of course, NYU Abu Dhabi. The interview runs a little under an hour, and the discussion of NYUAD and the global network begins at 16:35.

  24. And the Winner for Best Date Goes to...

    If you happen to be in Abu Dhabi this week, you should be sure to check out the Liwa Date Festival. Organized by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (ADACH), the festival is designed to raise awareness about the tradition of date farming, and the artistry that accompanies it.

  25. Capital_Gate

    Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi

    Already, the building has been certified as the world's furthest leaning manmade tower by the Guinness Book of World Records. As described by Senior Project Manager Michael Johnson, "Everything about the tower makes it want to fall over, but it has been designed to stop." (The National)
    When finished, the building will be home to office space and a Hyatt hotel, assuming guests are brave enough to book rooms in the top 17 floors!
    Featured this week in both The National and National Geographic, all eyes seem to be on Capital Gate as the project nears completion!
  26. butinah

    Abu Dhabi Island Could be One of the New 7 Wonders of the World

    Off the western coastline of Abu Dhabi is the natural island Bu Tinah: home to coral reefs, mangrove trees, flamingoes, dolphins, hawksbill turtles, and the world's second-largest population of dugong. The island is also one of 28 finalists for the New7Wonders of Nature campaign.
  27. NYUAD Announces Class of 2014

    NYU Abu Dhabi pulled the curtain off the Class of 2014 today, and several newspapers, including The New York Times and The National, Abu Dhabi’s English-language paper, have picked up the story.

  28. NYU Pres John Sexton, NYUAD, Focus of New Business Week Article

    This week's Bloomberg Business Week magazine profiles NYU President John Sexton (John Sexton's Global Campus Plans for NYU), and NYU Abu Dhabi plays a pretty big role in the story. Make sure you read through to the end for an appearance by Adam Pivirotto, NYUAD Class of 2014.

  29. Lights, Camera, Action

    Erin Meekhof, a member of NYUAD's Class of 2014, produced, directed, and starred in an eight-minute video capturing highlights from her trip to Abu Dhabi for the November 2009 Candidate Weekend. Hmmm, Erin, do we see a film major in your future?

  30. fabio-piano01

    Fabio Piano named NYU Abu Dhabi Provost

    NYU Abu Dhabi has announced that Fabio Piano, distinguished biologist and longtime member of the NYU community, will serve as provost. For the past two years, Piano has served as director of NYU's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology. He will continue to lead the Center as part of his provostial responsibilities.

  31. Ferrari-World-Front

    World's Fastest Roller Coaster Coming to Abu Dhabi this Fall

    The arrival of NYU Abu Dhabi's inaugural students isn't the only big news in Abu Dhabi this fall. On October 28, Ferrari World will open its doors, allowing thrill-seekers to ride the highly anticipated new Formula Rossa roller coaster featuring Ferrari F430 Spider replicas on a track that rises some 52 meters into the air hits speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour (that's 170.6 feet and 149 miles per hour to those of you who don't think metric).

  32. New NYU Abu Dhabi Video Online

    The latest version of NYU Abu Dhabi's admissions video has gone live (below). While some of it may seem familiar, there's a bunch of new footage, including a lot filmed at Candidate Weekends, as well as some interviews with members of the NYUAD Class of 2014.

  33. NYU Abu Dhabi Admits 188 Students to Inaugural Class

    NYU Abu Dhabi admitted a total of 188 students out of the 9,048 who applied to be members of its inaugural class of 2014. The school admitted 74 students through its early decision program, and an additional 114 through regular decision. To date, students from more than 30 countries have committed to attend, and NYUAD expects to release more details on the composition of its first class next month.

  34. Online NYUAD Course Catalog

    If you haven’t checked out the NYU Abu Dhabi online course catalog recently (or at all), it’s probably time for a visit. The catalog now features an updated listing of confirmed courses for the 2010-2011 academic year, including course descriptions, information about who will be teaching them, and what, if any, prerequisites will be required.

  35. The Ties That Bind: NYUAD Candidates Meet Faculty, Each Other in Abu Dhabi


    They came to the United Arab Emirates thinking that they understood what NYU Abu Dhabi was all about. But only after an evening in the desert talking and dining with their peers did these candidates really appreciate the close-knit student community that is coming together to become NYU Abu Dhabi's class of 2014.

  36. Welcome to Salaam

    Welcome to Salaam, NYU Abu Dhabi's new blog.

    Salaam translates in Arabic to "peace." The word is also part of the typical Arabic greeting, "As-Salaamu 'Alaykum," which literally means "peace be upon you," but also serves as an eloquent replacement for "hello."

    Whether you're a member of our class of 2014; a parent, relative, or friend of one of our inaugural students; a potential applicant for our class of 2015 or beyond, or just someone who's interested in learning more about one of the most interesting stories in global higher education around (if we do say so ourselves), welcome.

    We hope you'll check in often to find out the latest news from NYU Abu Dhabi (and for those of you versed in all things tech, you should also be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed). If you're an incoming student interested in submitting a post as you prepare to join us this summer, or would like to write the occasional post for us once you're on the ground, please be sure to let us know that as well.

    If you're a parent of a member of our class of 2014, and you have any questions for the NYUAD Student Affairs team, please be sure to click on the appropriate link on the right hand column of the page, and a member of the team will respond to you in short order.

    Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to seeing you back here soon.

    As-Salāmu 'Alaykum