How I Became Legally (but not literally) Blonde

    by Alana Barraj
    How I Became Legally and Spiritually Blonde
    Adam Gobble and Alana Barraj, members of the NYUAD community, rehearse for Legally Blonde: The Musical, showing in Abu Dhabi April 30-May 7.

    Guest post by Alana Barraj, Assistant Director of Administration, Arts and Humanities Division, cast as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde: The Musical

    Are you dying your hair or wearing a wig?

    That's all I heard during the first month of rehearsal for Abu Dhabi Choral Group’s upcoming production Legally Blonde: The Musical, based on the hit movie starring Reese Witherspoon. In fact, the questions started mere minutes after I shared the good news about winning the role of Elle Woods after a gut wrenching, nausea inducing, ten-day audition process.

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    In Review: Angel Rising

    by Rafael Scharan
    In Review Angel Rising

    By Rafael Scharan, (NYU Abu Dhabi '14), Blacksmith Coffee Studios Co-founder

    On April 11, NYU Abu Dhabi hosted a historic gathering of angel investors from the MENA region and beyond. Angel Rising, organized by NYUAD's IDEA Lab and VentureSouq, featured an impressive roster of veteran investors who bridged the canon of knowledge from Silicon Valley with that generated by various successful startups throughout the Arab world.

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    Life as a 'Singagoogler'

    by Brian Kappler
    Life as a Sinagoogler
    File photo: Alumna Connie Trinh (center) at an NYUAD event.

    By Brian Kappler, NYU Abu Dhabi guest contributor

    Connie Trinh (NYU Abu Dhabi '14) is living proof that a person has to be prepared to be flexible about career planning. After a degree in economics and finance, and three internships related to that field, Trinh made a discovery about herself that caused her to change gears. Now she's working at Google in Singapore, advising clients about advertising adjacent to Google search results while she considers further career options.

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    "We are immensely proud of these students"

    by Matthew Corcoran

    Hosted by the NYUAD Institute, the annual International Hackathon brought together students and professional mentors from over a dozen countries to develop mobile and web applications for social good in the Arab world. Sana Odeh, affiliated professor of Computer Science at NYUAD, said: "We are immensely proud of these students who conceptualized and developed ground-breaking mobile and web applications in just three days."