Cosmic Relations and Dark Matter

    by Matthew Corcoran
    Composite image of pulsar wind nebula G12.8-0.0. Courtesy of Sumit Dahal.

    Through their observations of the sky, astrophysicists try to determine the distance of cosmic objects like stars and galaxies from Earth and the relationship of these objects to one another. But the task is not always easy. Viewed in a 2D image created by a telescope, stars may look close together because they overlap in the image, when in fact they exist at great distances from each other in space.

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    Understanding Voting Through Experimentation

    by Brian Kappler

    By definition, scientists do experiments. Increasingly, that truism now applies to political scientists, just as it does to chemists or biologists. Rebecca Morton, a professor of Politics at NYU Abu Dhabi, is at the forefront of the development and growing recognition of this new aspect of an old discipline.

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    The Resident Expert: On Dates

    by Sallie Isobel Moffat

    With the 10th anniversary of the Liwa Date Festival last week and the nightly breaking of the Ramadan fast, dates have been on the minds of many here in the UAE capital. But for Michael Purugganan, principal investigator of the 100 Dates! project at NYU Abu Dhabi's Center for Genomics and Systems Biology (CGSB), the iconic Middle Eastern fruit is often on his mind — and under the scrutiny of his laboratory's genome sequencing machines and computers. Salaam recently sat down with Purugganan to learn more about dates, both inside and outside the lab.

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    Genetic Diversity of the Date Palm

    by Matthew Corcoran

    As a traditional staple of the Arab diet, dates have long had a central place in both the agricultural economics and the culinary repertoire of the UAE. Now Khaled Hazzouri, a postdoctoral associate at the Center for Genomics and Systems Biology at NYU Abu Dhabi, is working to discover the genetic origins of this iconic fruit.

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