The Phenomena of Exploding Crystals

    by Matthew Corcoran

    Science can progress in unexpected ways, and the recent work of NYU Abu Dhabi Associate Professor of Chemistry Panče Naumov is proof of this. Naumov has been studying a fascinating characteristic of crystals: when exposed to UV light, the crystals explode and jump.

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    Understanding Cyber Conflict

    by Matthew Corcoran

    Conflict in cyber space is the stuff of box office thrillers and countless articles in the popular press. But how can specialists better understand the consequences and significance of cyber attacks in the real world? Have major cyber attacks scored strategic victories for the nations that have sponsored or launched them? Or are these fusillades of ones and zeros simply a nuisance to their targets?

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    From New York to Abu Dhabi: A Program by NYU Filmmakers

    by Janice Liu Siling

    The annual Abu Dhabi Film Festival is right around the corner. Starting on October 23, participants will attend film screenings and take part in a wide range of special events, including workshops and talks with directors. This year, a special program titled From New York to Abu Dhabi: a program by NYU Filmmakers will feature the films of three NYU community members: Of Many, a documentary short by Linda Mills; Watermark, a narrative short by Gail Segal; and Return to the Sea, a narrative short by Alexis Gambis. Salaam caught up with the three directors to learn more about their films.

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    NYUAD's Professor Cook Awarded NSF Grant

    by Matthew Corcoran
    Corn stalks in Professor Cook's NYUAD lab.

    The broad plains of the American Midwest and the arid desert of Abu Dhabi have little in common, but together they form the research milieu of NYU Abu Dhabi Assistant Professor of Engineering Douglas Cook, who conducts forensic engineering analysis on corn stalks.

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    Exploring the Emirates

    by Alex Heald

    Guest Post: Alex Heald, NYUAD Student Activities Specialist.

    We were greeted by two young Emirati men on horseback, each with a large UAE flag held proudly aloft. They guided us down a long dusty driveway, flanked to the left by the desert, suburbs, and skyline of Ras al-Khaimah and to the right by the jagged peaks of the mountains of the northern Emirates. As we stared out of the bus at our surroundings, a large, beautiful house loomed in the distance. Approaching the house, we saw a long line of Emirati men — all members of the al Hebsi family — who welcomed our arrival with music, dance, and a traditional chant specific to their family history. And just like that, we were transported from the sleek cityscape of Abu Dhabi and NYU Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Campus to the rugged beauty of Ras al-Khaimah.

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