Panel Discussion More Than Words: Morphology and the Universality of Language

Open to the Public


Time 5:00pm

Location 19 Washington Square North

What goes "up" when you "eat up"? How are grapes the same as cars, sand, and oil? What can Grey Worm from Game of Thrones tell us about how we talk about each other? This panel brings together a number of leading morphologists--linguists who study words--to discuss how the diversity of morphological phenomena in the languages of the world can point us towards commonalities between languages, and ultimately towards a better understanding of language and cognition.


Artemis Alexiadou Professor of Theoretical and English Linguistics, University of Stuttgart

Daniel Harbour Associate Professor of Cognitive Science of Language, Queen Mary University of London

Beth Levin William H. Bonsall Professor in the Humanities, Stanford University

Andrew Nevins Professor of Linguistics, University College London

Gillian Ramchand Professor, University of Tromso; Senior Researcher, Center for the Advanced Study of Theoretical Linguistics

Malka Rappaport Hovav Henya Sharef Professor of Humanities, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Moderated by

Alec Marantz Professor of Linguistics and Psychology, NYU; Principal Investigator of the Neuroscience of Language Laboratory, NYUAD