Upcoming New York Events

  1. | 19 Washington Square North, New York Open to the Public

    A screening of three short films exploring the bonds of family is followed by a discussion with the filmmakers about the process and challenges of creating film abroad.

    Thati Peele's short film, Lerato, tells the story of Happy, a hard working farm laborer and single father, and his young daughter Lerato, an aspiring pop pianist from a rural South African town. Happy must make a difficult decision in order to get Lerato to an once-in-a-lifetime audition in Johannesburg. Asantewaa Prempeh's Nwwom Dɛɛdɛ (A Sweet Song), is the story of eight year old Akosua, who visits her father over the weekend but her excitement is cut short soon after she arrives. In Gail Segal's Filigrane (Watermark) three siblings clash over real estate after the death of their father, only here the real estate is memory.  Each wants the last word on how he is remembered.

  2. Edward Ziter Open to the Public
  3. Salamat Ali Open to the Public