Upcoming events for spring 2015 are in the works.

Highlighted Events

  • Andy Warhol in Tehran

    Bryan Waterman

    | 19 Washington Square North, New York

    In 1976, Warhol visited Tehran to take photos for a portrait of Empress Farah Pahlavi. In 1978 he painted the Shah and his twin sister Princess Ashraf as well, though the Revolution prevented these portraits from being publicly displayed in Iran. This lecture considers Warhol's Iranian portraits in multiple contexts: the OPEC oil crisis; Warhol's celebrity portraits of the '70s; and today's global art market, in which these paintings help pose key questions about American Pop's global legacies.

  • Fathers and Daughters, Fathers and Son

    Gail Segal Open to the Public
  • Waterpipe Tobacco: Social Glue or Health Scourge?

    Scott Sherman, Michael Weitzman Open to the Public

    Part of "Research at the NYUAD Institute"

  • Therapeutic Theatre with Syrian Refugees

    Edward Ziter Open to the Public
  • Staging the World: Examples from Egypt

    Carol Martin Open to the Public