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    Hadieh Shafie’s multidimensional works defy categorization. In some, the artist layers thousands of strips of hand painted paper; Persian words are inscribed and concealed within the layers of paper, referencing meditative practices central to Sufism. In her most recent work, titled Grid/Cut, Shafie creates through a form of reverse-collage; she repeatedly cuts the surface away, obscuring parts of the text. In this interplay between the hidden and revealed, Shafie effectively activates the surface of her works.

    Born in Iran, Hadieh Shafie currently lives and works in Silver Spring, MD. She has exhibited at numerous global institutions and can be found in prestigious collections including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles; The Victoria and Albert Museum, London; and The British Museum, London.

    In collaboration with the Leila Heller gallery

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