Faculty Experts

If you are a member of the media seeking sources for a story, please review our list of faculty experts. You can view their bios, download their headshots (if available), and/or click on "Request an Interview" to submit an interview request.


Muhamed Osman Al-Khalil

Director of Arabic Studies, Clinical Associate Professor of Arabic Language

General Specialities: Image of America in recent Arabic Literature; Arabic Language; Modern Arabic literature; Arabic Biography

Omima El Araby

Arabic Language Instructor

General Specialities: Arabic language pedagogy; second language acquisition


Reindert Falkenburg

Vice Provost for Intellectual and Cultural Outreach, Faculty Director of the Institute

General Specialities: Arts and humanities; museum studies


Dale Hudson

Faculty Fellow

General Specialities: Transnational, postcolonial, and global cinemas; new media and digital theory; French and Francophone (especially North and West African) film and film history; South Asian (especially Bollywood) film and film history; North American (including Hollywood) film and film history; environmentalism and film; classical, comtemporary, and "nonwestern" film theory; histories and theories of nationalism, immigration, assimilation, racialization, and globalization


Seung-hoon Jeong

Assistant Professor of Cinema Studies

General Specialities: Film and media studies, especially theory; interface; film philosophy; global cinema; catastrophe; politics/ethics; multiculturalism; cosmopolitanism
UAE or Region Specialities: Local/global and political/ethical dynamics; Middle East cinema

Jason King

Artistic Director and Associate Professor, The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music

General Specialities: NYUAD; global university; popular culture; the arts
UAE Specialities: Music in the UAE; the arts in the UAE


Khulood Kittaneh

Arabic Language Instructor

General Specialities: Arabic language and culture; interfaith dialogue


Sheetal Majithia

Assistant Professor of Literature

General Specialities: Literature; globalization; India

Lauren Minsky

Assistant Professor of History

General Specialities: Environment; public health; medicine; South Asia; Indian Ocean; world history

Wolfgang Neuber

Visiting Professor of Literature

General Specialities: World literature

Rubén Polendo

Associate Professor of Theater

General Specialities: Theater Program at NYUAD; Theater Mitu


Shamoon Zamir

Associate Professor of Literature and Visual Studies

General Specialities: Photography; American literature and culture