Exhibition Faig Ahmed's Black Sheep

Open to the Public


Location 19 Washington Square North

A 2004 graduate of the Sculpture Faculty at the Azerbaijan State Academy of Fine Art in Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku, Faig Ahmed creates carpets, sculptures, videos, and installations that have been exhibited at major art centers around the world, including London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Dubai, Moscow, and Hong Kong.

Black Sheep features three carpets that both resemble and deviate from traditional Azerbaijani carpet designs. Ahmed deconstructs long-established patterns by distorting the rigid geometries and transforming the carpets into modern-day sculptures with painterly qualities. In making the old new, Ahmed’s carpets challenge the restrictions of tradition and technology, the material characteristics of painting and weaving, and the balance of movement and inertia.

Image: Faig Ahmed
Hand-made woolen carpet. 2016
145 x 195 cm

Curated by

Kerry Barrett Assistant Dean of Global Programs, NYUAD