Women in Computing Workshop 2012

NYUAD Regional Collaborative Workshop on Women in Computing in the Arab World 2013

As a follow-up to the inaugural workshop held in March 2012, this convening aims to design and plan a study on women in computing in the Arab world, which will contribute to the national and international debates on the gender's enrollment in computer science, and more importantly, identify the diverse and important challenges facing women in the field of computing across the region. Prominent regional and international women in computer science, the social sciences, and the humanities discuss the research methodology, theoretical framework, and issues of representations, entrepreneurship, and positive trends as well as difficulties in the IT fields in the Arab world.

Convener and Chair

Sana Odeh, Affiliated Faculty of Computer Science, New York University Abu Dhabi, Faculty Liaison for Global Programs of Computer Science, and Clinical Associate Faculty, Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, New York University, New York. UAE and USA.