Women in Computing Workshop 2012

NYUAD Regional Collaborative Workshop on Women in Computing in the Arab World 2015

The participation of women in Computing in the Arab world is an important and timely topic. At a time when female enrollment in Computer Science in the US has fallen from 37 percent in the early 80’s to a dismal rate nearing 20 percent today. In the Arab world, our preliminary research findings indicate that females comprise the majority of undergraduate students studying Computer Science in Arab countries including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Also, the percentage of female tech founders (entrepreneurs) is close to 30 percent in several countries in the Arab world such as Jordan, which is significantly higher than female entrepreneurs percentages in the US and Europe.

This conference explores our research findings focusing on the opportunities as well as the diverse challenges facing women in computing in the Arab world. Prominent regional and international women in computer science discuss research and innovation in computing, opportunities for collaboration throughout the region and world, women enrollment in computer science, entrepreneurship, the role of women in tech start-ups, promotion, gender gap, and positive trends as well as difficulties in the field.

Convener and Chair

Sana Odeh, Affiliated Faculty of Computer Science, New York University Abu Dhabi, Clinical Professor Of Computer Science, and Faculty Liaison for Global Programs of Computer Science, Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, New York University, New York.


NYUAD Institute