South of Everything: A Workshop on Global Legal Education

Event Details

By Invitation

Date Sunday, January 22, 2017

Location NYUAD Saadiyat Island Campus

Posing the question of pluralism in law, this workshop brings together an illation and effluxion of interdisciplinary and comparative scholars from a variety of juristic and intellective traditions.

Juxtaposing cultural theorists, entrepreneurs, jurisprudes, educationalists, economists, lawyers and anthropologists, the workshop will excavate and adumbrate the extra-territorial and pluri-jurisdictional character of legality in a global network of radically divergent yet rapidly integrating transactional, migrational, economic and ecological domains.

The modernist grid of legal disciplines and doctrinal categories have developed out of the predominance of the nation state as the starting point of analysis, but now that pedagogic and institutional structure has to be stood on its head. The classical humanistic legal maxim, naturali iure communia sunt omnia haec … terra, by natural law the earth is held in common.

Returning to the founding traditions of the liberal science of law a coruscating group of thinkers will deliberate upon the theoretical trajectory, the scope and purpose of instituting, which is to say founding a curriculum for a pluralistic legal studies.

Organized by

David Chekroun, Visiting Associate Professor of Law, NYUAD

Peter Goodrich, Visiting Associate Professor of Law, NYUAD