Cyber Security Awareness Week 2016

NYU Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce that it will partner with NYU Tandon School of Engineering to host CSAW competitions for the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region in 2016. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur will also host concurrent competitions, expanding CSAW’s reach as an international competition with worldwide impact.

CSAW NYU Abu Dhabi is managed by a team of undergraduate and graduate students, and researchers from the Engineering Department and the Center for Cyber Security.




Embedded Security Challenge (ESC)

A red team/blue team face-off that
simulates a real-world hardware attack.

Capture the Flag

Realistic offensive security competition
that tests and teaches at the same time.

High School Forensics (HSF)

Students collaborate to solve a murder
mystery that gets harder every round.

Security Quiz

A security game show; questions range from current events to the highly technical.

Applied Research Competition

A team of experts gather to evaluate the
best doctoral security research worldwide.