Conference Details

Date: April 26, 2014
Location: NYUAD Downtown Campus, Abu Dhabi

A global climate change movement is under way - with global activists, local changemakers and international negotiators working to address the issue at all levels. Where do we stand in this movement? What responsibility do we have? Where does this conversation start?

It all begins at Biiah 2014.

Biiah is a one day event hosted by Ecoherence, NYU Abu Dhabi’s environmental advocacy group. It is the kickoff to a burgeoning environmental movement in the UAE, bringing together students, community members and experts in the region to start a grassroots environmental movement. You will have the opportunity to learn about environmental issues, connect with other passionate advocates and become equipped with the tools to implement environmental projects in your own communities. Participation is open to all young people in the UAE, and we encourage anyone to bring their skills and ideas to this day-long energizing event.