Conference Body Voices 2017 Transmuting Traditions

Open to the Public


Location NYUAD Saadiyat Island Campus

Body Voices, a dance conference that aims to explore both the academic and the practical side of dance, is coming to NYU Abu Dhabi in its third edition on October 13-14, 2017. The aim of Body Voices 2017: Transmuting Traditions is to explore how contemporary geospatial and social politics influence traditional dance movements.

During the conference, we will hear from speakers and students from across the globe about their journeys through time, culture, and space, and how these human constructs define and shape their connection to, understanding of, and expression of dance. The conversation will focus on the role of dance in the preservation of traditional narratives, whilse also recognizing the need for new dance narratives that reflect the current collective products of history, migration, war, and political and societal circumstances of the persons who perform them.

Local and international guest speakers will share their experiences through presentations, workshops, Student Dance Project masterclasses, and panel discussions. Additionally, students can create, perform and exhibit a piece of work that explores the conference theme at the Student Dance Project Showcase.

Attending the conference grants you a ticket to see the final dance performance at the end of the second day in the Black Box.


Terry Bright Kweku Ofosu

Balu Nivison

Debbie Field