Conference Scientific Research for Cultural Heritage

By Invitation


Location Abu Dhabi

This symposium brings together international members of the scientific community whose research specializes in the field of cultural heritage. Of particular importance are the topics of basic research and applied scientific methods for the investigation and conservation of various objects of cultural heritage, as well as the use of these methods in museums and fieldwork. The aim is to strengthen the collaboration between different disciplines involved in cultural heritage research, and to foster alliances between scientists, archaeologists, and art historians.

Interested scholars please contact nyuad.programs@nyu.edu

Convened by

Francesco Arneodo Associate Dean of Science and Associate Professor of Physics, NYUAD

Maria Baias Assistant Professor of Chemistry, NYUAD

Reindert Falkenburg Vice Provost for Intellectual and Cultural Outreach, NYUAD

Organized by

Alberto Gandolfi Visiting Professor of Mathematics, NYU AD

Fiona Kidd Assistant Professor of History, Art and Art History, NYUAD

Robert Parthesius Director Dhakira, Center for Heritage Studies in the UAE Visiting Professor Museum and Heritage Studies, NYUAD

Hosted by

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute