Conference World Literature and Its Discontent

By Invitation Only


Location Abu Dhabi

If World Literature in its present formation is shaped by the particular exigencies of the US educational marketplace, facing the challenges of diversity and globalization, can it be adapted to very different cultural contexts? Some critics argue that World Literature in its Euro-American formulation might reflect and reinforce real-world political and economic inequities, becoming an unwitting partner to projects of cultural imperialism. At the same time, other observers note how emerging world powers, such as China, utilize the language of World literature to refashion their image in international literary marketplaces. Over the course of two days, leading international scholars discuss the current models of World Literature, and propose new paradigms for its study.

Convened by

Maurice Pomerantz Assistant Professor of Literature, NYUAD

Paulo Horta Assistant Professor of Literature, NYUAD

Hosted by

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute