Conference Falconry in the Mediterranean Context

By Invitation Only


Location Abu Dhabi

This conference contributes to the understanding of falconry in the Mediterranean and Near Eastern world from the earliest evidence of its existence until the Early Modern period. Falconry is a practice that united Christians and Muslims, and involved all levels of society. The latest research on archaeological, textual, and visual testimonies of falconry will be addressed. Presentation topics include falconry in Central Asia; texts on falconry in Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Latin, Spanish, French and Italian; caring for sick falcons; and the depiction of falcons and falconry in manuscripts, monuments, and paintings.

Image © Marin Devine, NYUAD

Convened by

Charles Burnett Professor of the History of Islamic Influences in Europe, The Warburg Institute

Jan Loop Senior Lecturer, University of Kent

Hosted by

NYU Abu Dhabi Institute

In Collaboration with

The Warburg Institute

	International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey