Conference Sila Abu Dhabi 2014

By Invitation Only


Location NYUAD Campus

The vision of this year's Sila Abu Dhabi Conference is to enable a growing network of green schools in Abu Dhabi, with the cooperation of the local community, to meet sustainability goals and advance learning conditions to mold future leaders. Teams of delegates will compete to develop scalable and high-impact green solutions for our "model target" school, the American Community School of Abu Dhabi.

Solutions will aim to create energy, water, and resource-efficient learning environments while incorporating the concepts of cooperation, sustainability, and environmental empathy into its curriculum.

The winning team will receive USD 5,000 to implement their solution.

In Collaboration with

Abu Dhabi University

Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi's Men's College

Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi's Women's College

Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research

Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

The Petroleum Institute

Zayed University