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Exploring Nowhere: Mirages, Digital Maps, and the Historical Problem of Location

Open to the Public


Time 6:30-8:00pm

Location Intercontinental Hotel Auditorium, Abu Dhabi

Location Services are ON! In the digital age of hyper-locatability through digital maps, what kinds of places and things might still remain lost? This talk looks to the optical phenomenon of the mirage—a strange and elusive "nowhere"—to explore the broad concepts of location and locatability. The mirage’s visual and cultural history is investigated through a wide array of materials: medieval maps and legends of paradise, early 20th-century Arctic exploration, and photographs and video works. The discussion takes a long view of the mirage—an illusion that prompts an irrational experience of time and space—to help us imagine how to work and play with current digital mapping technologies. 

Image: © Marget Long


Carolyn Dinshaw Professor and Chair, Department of Social and Cultural Analysis, NYU

Marget Long Visual Artist