Conference World Literature and Translation

Open to the Public


Location Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Scholars, translators, editors, publishers, and writers gather to discuss the interplay of translation and world literature — the movement of literature through markets of readership and translation — and transnational questions of influence, genre, and reception. From the vantage point of NYUAD, home of the Library of Arabic Literature, it is important to consider how the practices of translation shape world literature. Roundtable topics include: How did translation networks operate in the pre-modern world from Baghdad to Venice? What does it mean for Oedipus Rex or Hamlet to be rewritten in an Arab context? How might it be useful to frame European and Middle Eastern literatures through the lens of the Mediterranean?

Convened by

Paulo Horta Assistant Professor of Literature, NYUAD

Philip Kennedy Associate Professor of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Comparative Literature, NYUAD