The United Arab Emirates is rapidly becoming a central hub for international air travel. There are two major carriers in the UAE, Etihad and Emirates Airlines, both of which offer extensive connections to major airports around the world. A host of other airlines provide regular service to Abu Dhabi and Dubai International Airports from all corners of the globe.

NYU Abu Dhabi assists with students' travel between their home base city and our campus through an official travel agent. All travel funded by NYUAD must be purchased through this travel agent, but students are free to make personal travel arrangements through any provider. Students are encouraged to sign up for frequent flier programs as they are eligible to claim all associated benefits from their travel.

The university also provides assistance with securing the necessary visas for studying in the UAE as well as with other academic related travel such as January Term and study abroad programs.

Travel and Transportation
Travel and Transportation

Campus Transportation

NYUAD transportation includes a free daily shuttle bus for students. Transport routes and times are subject to change, but will be published regularly. All students must be prepared to show their NYUCard to the NYUAD transportation driver upon request. The NYUCard is verification of an individual's eligibility to use NYUAD-provided transport. All who use NYUAD transportation are to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner at all times. NYUAD reserves the right to withdraw transportation eligibility at any time without notice.