NYU Abu Dhabi offers a wide array of services that adhere to NYU's exemplary standard of attention to the well-being of its students. We provide services to support and enhance the student experience at NYUAD.

Working in a global crossroads, we understand what a vital role easily accessible materials, technology, travel, and career development play in students' development as scholars and global citizens.

Career Development

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An integral part of the global network university, the Career Development Center delivers quality, tailored career guidance and assistance, and works to connect with faculty, employers, alumni, and other organizations to maximize our students' personal and professional success.

Technology Services

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Persistent, persuasive, and powerful, the role of technology at NYUAD is designed to complement and enhance our students' unique experiences. Provisioned across the campus, technology tools are leveraged to best enhance the collaborative and creative nature of a 21st-century education.

Travel & Transportation

NYUAD students in Dubai, Marhaba Week

NYUAD transportation includes a free, daily Shuttle Bus and Safe Ride service for students between University facilities around Abu Dhabi. Transport routes and times are subject to change, but are published monthly.