Commitment to service has always been a cornerstone of New York University. Our assumption is that prospective students, like most NYUAD students, are committed to finding ways to give back to their community, whether in the UAE, at a study away site, or at home. At NYU Abu Dhabi, we are building upon that tradition and commitment by encouraging students to forge new connections and develop skills in areas of civic responsibility, community engagement, and public leadership.

Through community outreach, students will:

  • Establish partnerships and friendships in the community
  • Make use of informal and formal curricular connections
  • Develop professionally through work with government, schools, museums, non-profit organizations, and businesses in Abu Dhabi, the other Emirates, and abroad
  • Volunteer to bring a human face to the issues explored in class and create an opportunity to contribute to making change in the world across its multitude of cultural, political, economic, and social differences

Student Leadership

We provide guidance and support to NYUAD students interested in volunteering, and empowers student leaders to design innovative ways to give back to the UAE community through civic engagement, public service, and research. We call this drive for social good #NYUADHeart.

How the OCO Can Assist NYUAD Students

The OCO helps students identify opportunities that are an appropriate fit for their interests, skills, and schedule. Some students may want to be involved in short-term projects with several organizations, while others may be seeking a longer-term commitment to one organization. Some projects may offer the chance to work with other students in a classroom or tutoring situation, while others may require physical activity. Some projects may be closely aligned with individual coursework, while others will offer the chance to try something new for the first time. Whatever the students’ interests, the OCO’s goal is to help them find the opportunity they are seeking.

Student volunteers celebrate and reflect on their service-based learning experiences.
Student volunteers celebrate and reflect on their service-based learning experiences.