NYU Abu Dhabi's Office of Student Life offers students transformative and intentional options for their out-of-classroom experiences. Students forge friendships across national boundaries, teaching and learning from each other in myriad ways. Students connect with each other, and with faculty and staff. In addition to the campus community, students explore connections with the community of Abu Dhabi, the UAE, the region, and the world through an array of developing opportunities.

The Office of Student Life is the central place to find support for activities, whether student-initiated or proposed by staff and faculty.

At NYUAD, every experience is an intercultural dialogue, a lesson in global education. The activities of Student Life create opportunities for members of our campus community to engage in meaningful ways with one another that are grounded in this premise, and that of student self-governance. Students are encouraged to take on responsibility and develop critical global leadership skills during their college experiences.

The department of Student Life encompasses the offices of Community Outreach, Intercultural Education, Spiritual Life, and Student Activities. Student Life staff also advise Student Government and Student Interest Groups.

Annual Events & Traditions

Flavors of Abu Dhabi
Superhero Weekend

Taking advantage of its unique location in Abu Dhabi, the Office of Student Life organizes a number of events and trips. Students are given access to the capital's events, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and workshops. In addition, the department sponsors, organizes, and hosts various events throughout the year, including:

  • UAE National Day celebration
  • Interfaith dialogues
  • Flavors of Abu Dhabi
  • Superhero Weekend
  • Various social outings, such as bowling and movie screenings