Sama Tower, the new home for incoming NYUAD students and their new, extended NYUAD families, is a modern, 45-story residential tower conveniently located on Sheikh Zayed the Second Street (locally known as Electra Street, just off Airport Road), Abu Dhabi.

Friendships and communities are built in Sama, and it is home to all NYUAD undergraduates, as well as many of the NYUAD faculty and staff. With nine residential floors, Sama Tower features a dining hall, the Sama Fitness Center, Spiritual Life Resource Center, Career Development Center, study rooms, music practice rooms, the Sama Technology Center, Campus Lounge and student lounges, and Multipurpose Rooms.

Living in Sama Tower

Living in Sama Tower is one of the most exciting and meaningful experiences students have at NYUAD. Students have the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world, make long-lasting friendships, and participate in intellectual and social activities. Sama Tower offers students space to explore their interests, exercise their bodies and minds, hone their skills, study, or just simply relax. In addition, the Residential Education Staff serves as a resource and plays a pivotal role in facilitating community development activities and programs for all Sama residents.

Residential Floors

The student floors in Sama are separated according to gender and there are also non-visitation floors for both men and women. The student rooms in Sama consist of two- and four-person rooms and the four-person rooms provide a common "hang out" space for the residents.

Student Rooms

Within the two- and four-person apartments, rooms are equipped with every basic item students might need for a quite comfortable life provided by the University. The rooms are spacious, new, and have their own bathroom and kitchenette.

Student Lounges

Every floor has a student lounge equipped with a kitchen, microwave, water cooler, laundry room with washers and dryers, an iron and ironing board, and an LCD television. Each lounge is furnished uniquely, and follows the style of one of NYU's study-away sites.


Student Lounge