What is Meal Plan

Dining on-campus is an integral part of the NYU Abu Dhabi community. All undergraduate students have a meal plan, which may be redeemed for full-service meals, snacks, beverages, and basic grocery items.

Where Can I Use my Meal Plan on Campus

The meal plan is broken into two components, meal swipes and campus dirhams.

What Where  
Meal Swipe Meal swipes can used to buy a full meal in the Campus East Restaurant.  
Campus Dirhams

Campus dirhams can be used more flexibly, such as to purchase toiletries, snacks, and coffee, in addition to meals where campus dirhams is accepted.

Campus Dirhams can be spent at the following campus locations:
Library Café
Campus East Restaurant
ERB Restaurant


Receiving Campus Dirhams

Students receive Campus Dirhams as part of their meal plans. Campus Dirhams are deposited bi-weekly into student cards and may be redeemed at a variety of dining venues on campus. An additional one-time allocation of Campus Dirhams is deposited at the start of each semester to ensure students can make up-front purchases.