The Wellness Exchange is the NYUAD student's key to accessing the extensive health and mental health resources offered at NYU. A central feature common to these services is a private, 24/7 hotline that puts students in touch with professionals who can help address day-to-day challenges, as well as other health-related concerns, including medical issues, academic stress, and other issues.


The hotline is also available if students just need to talk or want to call about a friend.

The hotline number is +971 2-628-5555 (or 8-5555 from campus).

Emergencies and After-Hours Crisis Response

In case of a medical emergency please contact the After Hours Nurse +971 56-685-8111.

In case of a mental health crisis please contact the Wellness Exchange +971 2-628-5555.

Should you need immediate assistance or have difficulty contacting the After Hours team, please call NYUAD Public Safety at +971 2-628-7777 (or 8-7777 from campus) to access our Emergency Services team.

NYUAD has a 24/7 team dedicated to assisting students dealing with a crisis, including hospital escort and transport, coordination of care, counseling, and follow-up.