As part of the NYUAD program, all students are enrolled in a global health insurance plan through either HTH Worldwide or GeoBlue (US citizens only), as well as a local plan through Green Crescent. All of these plans provide students with direct access to medical and mental health services in the event the student requires care while in Abu Dhabi (Green Crescent) or while traveling/studying abroad (HTH Worldwide or GeoBlue).


Should you have any questions about the plans or have trouble accessing and printing the insurance card, please contact the customer service numbers:

Green Crescent (local)
1-800-69-4242 (toll free inside the UAE)
+971 2-676-2042 (outside the UAE)

GeoBlue (global plan for US citizens only)
1-855-282-3517 (toll free inside the US)
+1 610-254-5304 (outside the US)

HTH Worldwide (global plan)
1-888-243-2358 (toll free inside the US)
+1 610-254-8769 (outside the US)
+1 610-254-8771 (for medical assistance)

Insurance Information