Rock Climbing

Recreational sports is designed to offer students a wide range of activities to participate in throughout the year. For many, this may be their first opportunity to try their hands at activities such as rock climbing, karting, sailing or ice skating. Regardless of skill or ability, the aim is to provide a fun and exciting environment while helping to develop new interests.

Recreation "Just Try It" Series

In addition to our weekly recreation activities, the "Just Try It" program offers students the opportunity to explore new activities more than just once in order to further their interest and skills. Typical series will meet 3-4 times during the course of a month with the idea that active participation by students will lead to the formation of a future student interest group, PE class or team in the future.



Surrounded by water, Abu Dhabi offers plenty to watersport enthusiasts including windsurfing. Students are taught by qualified instructors the art of windsurfing through this three session rec series allowing them to navigate on their own and enjoy this exciting wind-powered sport.



Students learn key tactics and maneuvers used in paintball to advance their skill. Paintball is one of our most popular recreational activities for both men and women. Learning from dedicated professionals through this rec series seeks to enhance student's level of play and overall enjoyment.


Ladies Golf

Opportunity for our females students to discover golf in a social setting at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club taught by a golf professional.